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What is a persuasive essay? A persuasive essay is an article piece that convinces a reader to agree with a writer's opinion. This writing cuts across academic and the media field, especially in reviews and advertisements. For example, in adverts, a writer convinces you why product A is better than B with evidence.

Essaybot offers this persuasive essay writing help. Do order persuasive essay writing services from us at a friendly price. In this persuasive essay writing article, we will guide you on how to write persuasive writing, the techniques to apply, the format to use, and its importance.

What is the Purpose of Writing a Persuasive Essay?

The main goal of persuasive writing is to convince or motivate the audience to the author’s opinion and take action. For instance, in advertising and copywriting, the main message in their writing is to try to win the customer to their brand.

Another purpose of persuasive writing is to turn the tide in political and social associations. For instance, through the printing press invention, authors can influence the audience on why a particular political movement is more robust and will prevail. Through persuasive writing, people have rallied behind a cause.

Which are the Techniques to Apply in Writing a Persuasive Essay?

When writing persuasive, it's best to use these tips in this persuasive essay writing guide. These techniques will help you have a flow of ideas and still create an engaging and convincing essay.

  1. Choose your favorite topic.

Researching and convincing people about a topic you are familiar with and like is effortless. Again, ensure the topic appeals to your sensation for the easy defense of the topic.

  1. Analyze your Audience or Readers

It will be helpful if you learn about your audience first before writing. You will learn which opinion the reader will take, and using facts and logic, try to convince them to yours.

  1. Hook the reader’s attention

While writing this persuasive essay,  it’s best to present your opinion in a clear statement. Make sure the statement starts with facts, research findings, and more evidence you can find on the same.

  1. Research both sides of the topic

As a writer, you stand in a better position if you understand and research both sides of the opinion. Ensure you have facts about why the reader should join you and leave their side. This technique will be perfect, especially if the reader is uncertain.

  1. Show empathy

As an author, you can easily convince your audience if you try to show some concern for their experience. Appeal to their emotions as you show logical points about why they should change their mind. 

  1. Use rhetorical questions

This technique will emphasize your opinion and offer more persuasion. You can apply this formula where a decision message supports your opinion.

  1. Reiterate your opinion

Strategic repetition can be effective as a reminder of your point of view. Use different ways of rephrasing the point, like metaphors, quotes, stories, etc. 

  1. Choose words carefully

Your choice of words in persuasive writing is critical since you want to establish a good relationship with the reader. Again, you want words that convince the reader that your line of thought is correct. Therefore, emotive language will serve you better if you apply.

  1. Speak directly to your audience

This strategy is effective if you want to bond with the reader. Speak to the reader by addressing them, such as "you". This tip helps the essay to become conversational, and your readers can become more open-minded to understand your opinion.

  1. Draft a roadmap

It will help if you create an outline that you will use in your argument to organize your thoughts. You can use various formats, but this one still works for persuasive essay topics. List your main ideas, then have evidence on each and supporting examples.

Persuasive Essay Writing Help

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What are the Modes of Persuasion in Persuasive Essay Writing Help?

You can have many ways of persuading people, but some may not be the best. According to this persuasive essay writing guide, there are three modes you can use. These modes include; ethos, logos, and pathos.

Aristotle first put these modes, and they have since been widely used in persuasive speech topics. We will have a look at each mode in detail.

Ethos – is a way you convince a reader using your credibility. For example, a medical doctor writing an essay concerning an outbreak has a strong ethos. However, if you lack credibility, you can build it using logic and appeal to emotions.

Logos – these are the facts we present in our writing, and they should be in a reasonable manner. With better logos, you can build your ethos. So, since the three modes are interconnected, you should present your opinions with facts.

Pathos –is the appeal to human emotions. Emotions often move people more than logic; thus, the pathos mode of persuasion can be powerful. Pathos will help you as a writer to engage the reader's senses and drive your message home.

These are the modes of persuasion we apply in our persuasive essays. Reach out to us if you need a persuasive essay helper, and buy our persuasive essays.

What’s the Persuasive Essay Structure or Format?

The persuasive essay structure or format includes;

  • The introduction has four elements.
  • Hook – should be an exciting first sentence.
  • Background information – gives the context to your opinion to keep the reader in the known.
  • Definitions - define the terms you feel that are difficult to understand
  • Thesis –clear statement or the opinion you will be arguing out. This statement serves as the roadmap of your essay and the path of your argument.
  • Main Body

This section should have at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should have its main point of discussion. The outline should be as follows;

  • Topic sentence which should reflect the main idea of the paragraph. The topical sentence should also support the thesis statement.
  • Evidence to support the main idea.
  • Examples to show how the evidence supports your idea.
  • Link to the first part of the paragraph so that you can persuade the reader to your main point in the paragraph. Again, this part forms the bridge to the next paragraph.

How to Conclude a Persuasive Essay?

The conclusion makes a summary of the essay. Give the significance of the line of thought and finalize with a statement a reader can think about. Ensure the conclusion is brief and concise to make your last attempt of persuasion like in college application essay writing.  

What are the Different Types of Persuasive Essay Topics?

There are various types of persuasive essay topics you can write in various fields. However,  some of the common ones fall under the following sectors;

  • Advertising – TV commercials or print ads.
  • Journalistic op-ed content- newspaper editorials.
  • Public speeches- political and literature speeches.
  • Public announcements.
  • Critic reviews, like in critical essay writing.

Others are songs, poems, and love letters.

High schools and colleges can have persuasive essays on any topic. Some of the areas you can write about include;

  • Social issues – is social media harmful or helpful to young people?
  • Entertainment – are comedies better than action movies?
  • Animals – are small acts better than big cats?
  • History and government – is democracy the best form of government?

What are Some of the Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics

Some examples of persuasive essay topics are as follows;

  • Should boarding schools be abolished for kids less than 10 years?
  • Should students loans interest be abolished?
  • Should people who download music and movies be punished illegally?
  • Are men weaker than women of today?

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Some Common Questions Students Ask

What’s the Difference Between Persuasive Essay Writing Help and Argumentative Essay?

A key point to note is that persuasive essays are related to the argumentative essay as they discuss critical issues with logical arguments and offer solutions. However, the two essays have one significant difference. Persuasive essay content majors focus more on personal experience and appealing to emotions, while argumentative focus on facts.

Again, an argumentative essay discusses both sides of a topic, while a persuasive essay focuses on the author's opinion. Also, the language and tone of the persuasive are conversational, while argumentative is authoritative and formal.

How to Create an Effective Persuasive Essay?             

To ensure your essay informs the reader, it's best to apply the following persuasive techniques. But before then, ensure you write a quality essay using all the techniques in this persuasive essay writing guide.

  • Storytelling –makes it easy to explain a concept through a story. Use personal anecdotes, references, and other person's experiences to pass your message.
  • Deal with argument – deal with the opposite side of your opinion and show facts why you don't support it to win the reader's attention.
  • Call to action - have a call to action in your essay to persuade the audience.
  • Repetition –like in the adverts, this technique is used to persuade the buyer, so repetition of your thesis idea can work. However, it will help if you repeat your opinion in different ways to avoid boredom and make the reader understand better.

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How to Use Logic in Persuasive Writing?

You should use facts to bring out the logical appeal in persuasive writing. Use statistics, surveys, scientific evidence, or other credible proof to convince the reader. These data and facts should have sources. Some other acceptable forms of supporting your argument are;

  • Tales that sound true
  • Opinions that sound like facts
  • Stories that back up your argument
  • Reasoning- use of common sense to show the right thing and can back up your reasoning with evidence

How to Use Emotions in Persuasive Essay Writing Help?

The emotional appeal should manipulate the reader’s emotions like fear, love, dislike, desires, and more. For instance, TV commercials mainly apply this to products to convince you they are the cure for your problem. For example, "do you want to have a nice fragrance all day?”

Give a Simple Persuasive Essay Outline?

A presentable persuasive essay should have the following outline;

  • The thesis statement or the opening paragraph
  • Roadmap
  • First point
  • Evidence
  • Supportive examples
  • Address objections
  • Second point
  • Evidence
  • Supportive examples
  • Address objections
  • Third point
  • Evidence
  • Supportive examples
  • Address objections

What are the Best Elements of a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay should contain several elements to be perfect and complete. These elements are as follows;

  • Should have a clear, concise and thesis statement that your readers can understand
  • It should have a clear and organized structure, as explained in this persuasive essay writing guide.
  • Contain a strong introduction with a hook, background information, definitions, and thesis
  • Clear and developed argument or opinion with a better understanding of the other side.
  • Your argument should contain strong evidential support
  • Create a strong conclusion
  • Have a clear purpose and present it with a particular choice of words. Words that concern the reader's point of view and offer conviction.
  • Make your essay presentable with a varied sentence and paragraph structure to avoid boredom while reading. If you hire our services today, you will enjoy buying an essay with all these elements featured.

Where Can I get a Persuasive Essay Writer?

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We have defined the meaning of a persuasive essay and its relation to an argumentative essay. Again, we have discussed the purpose of a persuasive essay, the techniques to apply while writing, and the persuasive essay structure.

It’s my hope you can now handle a persuasive essay. If not, we are at your service to offer quality, presentable and convincing persuasive essay writing help. Click on our link, "order now" and our persuasive essay writers will be ready to assist you.


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Persuasive Essay Writing Help

Persuasive Essay Writing Help

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