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 This essay discusses the origin of something and its impacts. In this guide, we will discuss how to write a cause and effect essay, its structure, the topics,  and examples of the essay.

What is the Purpose of this Essay? 

The purpose of this essay varies depending on the scenario. For example, in a school set-up, teachers use this essay to teach their learners critical thinking, logic, and persuasive essay writing. While in the academic field, professionals use this essay to draft scientific lab reports, case studies, or research papers. 

How to Write an Outline?

This essay includes a standard structure just like in compare and contrast essay. It has the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, its body format changes depending on the topic and preferences. The outline is as follows;

  • Introduction 
  • Body 

1st Form 

  • Cause 1
  • Cause 2
  • Effect 1
  • Effect 2

2nd Form 

  • Cause 1
  • Effect 1
  • Cause 2
  • Effect 2

3rd Form 

  • Cause and effect 1
  • Cause and effect 2
  • Cause and effect 3

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How to Write an Introduction 

Your essay introduction should be short and precise. Remember, this is what will lay the foundation of your essay, just like the thesis in a critical essay. So, before you start writing, outline your essay and figure out your point of argument. Then, of course, your line of thought is the statement that will help introduce your topic to the audience. 

Again, remember to use the hook technique. Start your introduction with statistics, a quotation, or a rhetorical question.  

How to Write Paragraphs ( Causes) 

Your topic should have several causes for the problem, which shows you have analyzed the question. You may decide to single out the causes and discuss them first, then move to the effects. Remember, each paragraph should discuss only one cause or point. Therefore, each new cause should have its paragraph. 

Follow the typical paragraph format used in other essays, like expository essays. Ensure your sentences follow this format;

Cause and Effect Essay Writing Help

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  • Topic sentence – introduces the paragraph's main point
  • Evidence – use credible sources 
  • Support -  give more explanations with examples to support the idea
  • Concluding sentence

We offer effective paragraph organization in our cause and effect essay writing help services. Contact our essay writing team at essay bot for organized paragraphs with a good flow and logic. 

 How to Write Effects Paragraphs

While writing the effects, you should ensure a logical connection between the causes you mentioned. Again, remember to match the effects with the causes, not have a third effect starting instead of the first one. Always focus on the problem's repercussions to have a clear and on-point essay. 

Follow this format for the consequences paragraph;

  • Write the effect to be the topical sentence
  • Cite reputable sources as evidence 
  • Explain your evidence in support of your effect; make sure it's your unique thoughts, not someone's else.
  • Conclude the paragraph 

Note: When writing any paragraph, it's best you avoid jumping from topical sentence to sources without a proper transition. Instead, always use the last line in a paragraph to connect to another paragraph using transitional words

These words connect your essay parts, giving it a flow. Some of them include;

  • Whereas – comparison
  • Besides – to add
  • Lastly – to add
  • Immediately – to show time 
  • However – an exception 
  • Previously – show sequence 
  • To illustrate – give an example 
  • In brief – to conclude 


A conclusion should summarize the essay and give a call to action for the reader. As you summarize, restate the thesis statement, but put it in different words to avoid repetition. This thesis reminds the reader what the essay was all about. Therefore, you should compile your findings and claims into a clear, concise paragraph.

Cause and Effects Essay Topics 

This essay's topics are very diverse; you can find them in any subject. You can write anything from history, sociology, technology, physics, and biology, to name a few. So, if choosing from several options, always consider your interests and the topic's relevance. 

Some of the most popular cause and effect essay topics fall into different categories. In each category, there are endless cause and effect essay examples. These groups are as follows;

Cause and Effects Essay Examples for Education 

  • What are the effects of Covid 19 on the schooling program?
  • What are the effects of teenage pregnancy on education?

Politics Topics

  • What has made the rise of democracy in Kenya?
  • What has caused a rise in immigration rates?
  • What are the impacts of immigration, especially in developing countries?

Biology Examples

  • What are the impacts of ocean acidification on coral reefs?
  • What are the effects of global warming?
  • What has led to the attention of green energy in a move to conserve the environment?

For a detailed essay with the best format and choice of topic, kindly hire our cause and effect essay writing help. 

What are the Types of Cause-and-Effect Essays?

This essay has three types classified according to the interconnection between causes and effects. 

  • One cause and multiple effects – this report aims to describe one cause that has many effects. This paper extensively researches the topic and analyzes the relations between various factors. 
  • Chain of causes and effects – it's the most challenging type of cause-and-effect essay writing. The paper contains a chain of different causes and their effects that connects. The essay shows how a certain action led to a certain effect and caused the end of the chain. 
  • Multiple causes and one effect – The report explains how certain factors lead to a particular result. When writing this essay, you should break the body into paragraphs parts. Each paragraph should have one cause and its impact. 

Before writing your essay, be sure you know which method to follow. Not every essay topic is suitable for any type. 

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

After learning the meaning of this essay, and its structure, you should understand the techniques to apply when writing one. These steps will help you write a valuable paper.

  1. Analyze the Topics Given - Choose a topic you understand or have some background knowledge from the list of topics presented. Being familiar with the topic will help in presenting your points and giving personal experiences or examples when supporting the evidence.
  2. Brainstorm on Your Topic  - In your topic, come up with a list of the causes and effects of the situation or event. List them in order of sequence or logic. Then, again, decide which type of essay to write and use the correct format in your body.
  3. Draft a Thesis Statement - You can create a thesis from one cause-and-effect relationship or many causes. Then, again, you can analyze how a circumstance has multiple results.
  4. Organize Major Points into Paragraphs - Each paragraph should have its major point of discussion. Make sure you don't mix up ideas to avoid confusing the reader. Again, depending on the format you are using for your essay, lay out your causes and results accordingly. Logic is key in this essay, just like in a narrative essay. Remember to use transition words to connect paragraphs and ensure a flow of ideas. Additionally, remember to create quality paragraphs with great sentence structure.
  5. Draft Your Essay  - Craft your essay following the best introduction, body, and conclusion format. Ensure you have a specific focus on your essay topic. Argue out your points strongly with evidence and personal opinions. Make sure you have clear topical sentences.
  6. Proofread Your Work - After writing your first essay draft, it's just the beginning of the process. You must revise your work several times to ensure its quality and accuracy. We have these questions to guide you revise your work.
  • Is the main point clear in the essay?
  • Do the examples demonstrate the relationship between the subjects?
  • Do the paragraphs convince the reader and show logic?
  • Are there grammatical errors?
  • Are all the sentences making sense, or do you have fluffy words?
  • Have you cited your sources correctly and used the appropriate referencing method?

7. Write Your Final Draft - After assessing your work and writing several drafts, it's now a moment to finalize. Check the correct essay format and make corrections per the revisions. 

 Other Writing Tips to Apply

  • Use the appropriate transition words in your essay to make your point clear.
  • Keep the logical flow of your essay by ensuring every point you pass across supports the thesis statement. Focus on quality more than quantity. 
  • Investigate your topic thoroughly and all different points of view.
  • Use several examples to support your research 
  • Remember, the purpose of your essay is to inform the audience about the causes and effects. So be unbiased, don't show how you like or dislike someone. Thus, the points you make should be objective. 
  • Don't exaggerate your points, especially on the stronger effects. 
  • Seek essay writing services if you find the work overwhelming; it will offer you peace of mind. Are you seeking help with writing a cause and effect essayContact us for affordable cause and effect essay writing help today.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Relationship Between Cause and Effect and Expository Essay?

A cause and effect essay is a kind of expository essay that expounds on the reasons for an occurrence. While an expository essay shares facts or information with the reader without giving personal opinions. Examples of an expository essay are;

  • Cause and effect
  • Compare and contrast
  • Classification 
  • Problem and solution 

Which are the Two Strategies You Can Apply in Writing this Essay?

The strategies you can use while writing your essay are block and chain structure. In the block structure, you discuss the causes and effects separately, while in the chain one, the effect follows its respective cause. 

How Does this Essay Help the Reader?

This essay helps inform the reader about the origin of something and the results that have occurred. Then, it helps the reader understand how various events or occurrences relate. 

What is a Good Cause and Effect Essay Topic? 

A good essay topic depends on your interest and knowledge of the topic. If you are interested in biology, you will find that topic favorable. Again, you can still check a topic with several major points to discuss. A topic with more content will guide you on what type of format to use while writing. 

Who Can Help Deliver Quality Cause and Effect Essay Writing Help?

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Writing a quality cause and effect essay calls for an organization of ideas and proper format. As you write, you should clearly state your point and discuss it with facts and examples. Leave no room for confusing the reader. Use good transition words to make sure the essay connects the causes and effects. 

In situations where you feel stuck or can't handle the essay, always seek help. Where can I get quality cause and effect essay writing help? We are there for you; hire our services today, and you won't regret it.

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Cause and Effect Essay Writing Help

Cause and Effect Essay Writing Help

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