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Do you need essay writing help? Are you stranded with your essay, or do you have a super-important errand that needs to be looked at and no time to work on your essay? No need to worry yourself. Give us the instructions for the essay, and we will help you create an exceptional piece.

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Types Of Essay We Help You Write

Which essay do you need assistance with? Argumentative, expository, narrative, or descriptive essay? Our essay typers are conversant with all these types of essays and many more. Give us your essay order, sit back, relax, and let our professionals do what they know best.

Read on to understand the difference between an argumentative, expository, narrative, or descriptive essay.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a professional essay that employs logical support and factual evidence to persuade a reader about a specific idea. This essay has four main aspects: an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Additionally, there are three broad sub-categories of an argumentative essay. They are

Classical/Aristotelian: It is the simplest argumentative essay and assists in making straightforward arguments. It has five sections: an introduction, your stance, your opponent’s stance, rebuttal, evidence, and conclusion.

Rogerian: This one helps to show both sides of an argument. It acknowledges your stance and that of your opposition; hence, it has come to be known as a middle-ground strategy. So, you will provide your stance and the opponent's stands equally.

Toulmin: This one mainly presents complex issues that have unclear truths or when you are presenting a thesis that is a counterargument or rebuttal.

What Is An Expository Essay?

An expository essay is an academic piece that utilizes factual evidence to describe or analyze a particular topic. It does not require your opinion, and you should approach it from a neutral point of view. There are five sub-types of expository essay:

  • Process essay
  • Problem and solution essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • Definition essay
  • Classification essay

What Is A Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is a type of essay that has a personal, experiential, or anecdotal touch. In this essay type, you express yourself movingly and creatively.

What Is A Descriptive Essay?

 A descriptive essay is a professional essay that provides a vivid elaboration of a specific topic. It can be a research paper, a book report, or even a newspaper article.

Contact us if you need expository essay help, narrative essay help, and descriptive essay help. We offer attractive essay writing help in all areas and disciplines.

5 Steps You Can Use To Write A Good Essay

Below are the main steps that you may take when writing a quality essay:

1.     Assess The Question

An essay is a response to a certain question. The question can be stated directly or indirectly. Overall, you as a student should critically go through the instructions and try to spot the question. The first step is thus to know what you are being asked.

2.     Outline Your Thesis

After knowing the question(s), you develop a thesis. The thesis is the main argument or theme of your essay. It will direct your entire essay.

3.     Support Your Facts

You may use credible evidence to convince your readers about your thesis better. It involves using pieces of literature such as books, academic articles, research papers, and others. Make sure to cite all the sources you use and follow instructions regarding citation formatting. You, therefore, need to do in-depth research to know the sources you will use.

4.     Structure The Essay

The next step after creating a thesis and researching is making an outline of the essay. It is good to have a broad outline that consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. You may divide the “body” section into several subheadings. These three sections should comprise the following contents:


  • Highlight your topic
  • Offer background information
  • End with your thesis statement


Essay Writing Help

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  • Key arguments and exploration
  • Back up the arguments with credible evidence
  • Each paragraph should link to your thesis, discuss one point, and initiate with a topic sentence.


  • Restates the thesis and connects the key arguments
  • Explain the significance of your argument

5.     Write Clearly

The last step is to write the essay. All the parts of the essay should connect to the thesis. You should also ensure all aspects of language, such as grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, are error-free.

You can contact us if you encounter a challenge at any point. We will help you write a quality essay.

What Website Can Help Me Write An Essay?

You are in luck if you are looking for an American-based, superb college essay writing service. Our website, essay typer, offers help with writing essays to all students 24/7. All of our online essay writers have immense experience in this profession. Also, a thorough recruiting process is used to select them, ensuring we have the best.

Apart from these unbeatable features, we have other auxiliary services that make our essay writing website stand out. They include:

Money Back Guarantee: We refund your amount if you feel unhappy with our essay writing services.

Massive Discounts: The more essays from a student, the bigger the discounts we give them.

Unlimited edits: You can ask for as many edits as you wish. We make it our priority to ensure you are fully satisfied.

Zero-plagiarism Policy: Does your instructor caution you against going above a specific level of plagiarism? They do, right? We go over and beyond what is expected. We ensure we deliver papers with no more than zero plagiarism.

Reliable support: The professionalism of our support team mimics that of our essay typers. They are the most resourceful and friendliest individuals you will ever meet, as they will handle your suggestions, concerns, or feedback meticulously.

Who Can I Get To Write My Essay?  Who Are The Best Essay Helpers?

If you want a professional essay writer, then look no further as we are among the best. Our team comprises academic helpers of every discipline. So, whatever essay you want to be written, we have the right person for that. We have re-evaluated them repeatedly and guarantee that with us, you shall never be disappointed. 

How have we evaluated them? Let’s start with the recruitment process. We recruit academic solvers that have finished at least an undergraduate education and have attended one of the highest-ranked American universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, etc. Our hiring process has five phases: we confirm the candidates’ education and employment background, give them a series of tests, and put them on probation for the first three months until they prove their professionalism.

If you want to narrow down to one of our essay typer, register with us and look at the qualifications of our writers. You can look for many details, such as their rating, professional level, years of experience, and specialty. Our system can sort them for you to simplify the choosing process. If you cannot make up your mind, our support team can help you any time of the day, month, or year.

How Can I Get Help Writing An Essay?

Are you searching for somebody to write your essay or where to find essay makers? Look no further. You have come to the right place. Essaybot has tons of professional essay writers ready at your disposal.

Follow the simple steps below to place your order and get essay writing help. It will only take a few minutes or maybe seconds.

Step 1: click here to open a “registration page.”

Step 2: Create an account with us. You will need to feed your email and the password you will use to log in.

Step 3: Sign in, then go to the “Place your Order” section. Here, you will feed the details of your assignment. It includes the essay instructions provided by your lecture and other details, such as the number of pages and due date. Also, upload the reading materials that connect to the essay.

Step 4: Lastly, you will pay for the order and wait for our essay makers to work on it.

As easy as that. You have found someone to write your essay, and not just anyone, an essay writing expert in the same discipline as you.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal? Is An Essay Writer Illegal?

If you are wondering if an essay writing service is legal or whether an essay writer is legal, wonder no more. The answer is, Yes. It’s legal in the USA to get homework help from an essay writing services website or hire an essay helper. Below are some of the reasons why it is legal to seek academic help from professional essay writers:

Adhere to the law. Foremost, no law in the USA bans essay writing help. Also, no restriction states who is eligible and who is not to use the college essay writing services.

The industry is transparent: Websites that write your essays have transparent services. They have a privacy policy, service guarantees, and terms and conditions. In short, they display all aspects of service-client relations to the public.

They employ unbeatable strategies to secure your personal information. I cannot speak for all essay writing websites, but I can tell you that ours prioritizes safeguarding students’ personal information.

They offer plagiarism reports. Plagiarizing another’s work is a serious offense. That’s why College essay writing services ensure that plagiarism in the papers is as low as possible. They also issue the plagiarism reports to you.

These are some of the reasons why essay help is a legal undertaking. You, therefore, need not worry about legitimacy when placing your essay order with us.

Can You Get Caught Using Essay Writing Services?

We have already seen from the previous section that essay writing services are legitimate. But can you get caught when seeking essay writing help? Yes, though this is very rare. You can get caught if either you or the essay writing service website is reckless. Again, chances of getting caught are minimal to non-existence. Over 30 million students use online essay writing assistance globally, but only 15% have been caught, and less than 2% have been expelled

So how do you safely seek online essay help?

Select the most reputable essay help website. Ensure the website you use knows how to maintain confidentiality and privacy at the highest possible level. Ours is the best when it comes to this. For instance, we use the most advanced software that protects data through numerous strategies like hash function and symmetric and public key cryptography.

Safeguard your privacy

Use an anonymous name when creating an account with these websites that write an essay for you. Also, do not reveal much information about yourself, including your college. Doing this prevents a third-party company from tracking your order.

Avoid using a public network.

You can be easily tracked when you use a public network. Avoid it as much as possible when logging in to websites offering help with essay writing.

How Much Is The Cost Of Paying Somebody To Write An Essay? 

We have many professionals that help with writing essays. Do you want a psychology essay, a literature essay, or a history essay? We have you covered in all fields.

Our charges are very affordable, and we issue gigantic discounts. If you compare our charges with those of other average homework help websites, trust me, you will select us. The following aspects determine our rates:

  • The length of the essay
  • The discipline or topic entailed
  • Due date
  • The education level

The good thing is that we have pre-set plans to help you estimate the cost. Place your order to see more of the cost plans.


We are here for you if you need help with writing your essay. We offer excellent essay writing help services to all. Our essay makers have vast experience and knowledge in all fields and essay types.

This article has touched on several reasons why this industry is legal, how our website uses the latest technologies to maintain your privacy, and how students all around the globe seek help writing essays. You should therefore have no worries while registering and placing an order with us. Reach out to us in case of anything.

Are you under a tight deadline or busy with work? We are here to help you.

Essay Writing Help

Essay Writing Help

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