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For now, you can go through this article to learn steps and tips that may help you write an expository essay.

What Is An Expository Essay

An expository essay is a genre of academic essay that utilizes solid evidence to discuss or examine a particular topic. In short, the definition of an expository essay can be seen from its name. Expository means something intended to describe or explain. We can therefore see that the purpose of an expository paper is to display a balanced, objective explanation of a subject. Expository writing is vital in numerous work professions, like science, business, and journalism.

This kind of essay differs from other academic papers, such as narrative and persuasive essays, in terms of the approach. Expository essays are highly objective; they try as much as possible to avoid personal opinions. Also, the use of first- and second-person names (‘I’ and ‘You’) is highly scorned in expository essays. While in persuasive and narrative essays, personal opinions and first- and second-person names are wholeheartedly welcomed.

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Types Of Expository Essay

Many types of expository essays exist, although they are all formatted similarly; all have an introduction, body, and conclusion. It is essential to understand the major types as it will help you select appropriate topics and know the kind of evidence to utilize.

There five major types of expository essays are listed below.

Problem and solution essay

In the problem and solution essay, you should identify a particular problem and provide a solution. It is the most common kind of expository paper. You can use several approaches when writing this expository essay.

One approach is to start by stating the problem and then offer one ideal solution or several of them. The other approach is that you can start an expository essay by deeply explaining a solution, mainly why it is the best for a specific problem.

Examples of expository essay ideas under this type are election violence and climate change.

Descriptive essay

Descriptive essays extensively describe an event, object, experience, person, or place. You typically have freedom when writing this type of expository essay, and they tend to be the easiest to create.

Some expository essay ideas for this type include:

  • The most memorable moment you have experienced
  • Your favorite meal in high school

Compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay is an expository paper that wants you to evaluate two or more subjects. A compare and contrast essay has three types:

  • One that compares the subjects only
  • Another that contrasts the subjects only
  • The third kind can compare and contrast the subjects.

You should avoid stating the obvious when writing a compare and contrast essay. Some of the topics of a compare and contrast essay are virtual vs. traditional learning and android vs. apple OS.

Cause and effect essay

In the cause and effect essay, you discuss why a certain event occurred and the results of the event. Thus, you must dive deeper into the event and give solid evidence to back your arguments. Examples of expository essay topics you can have for this type are:

  • Public health issues in the country
  • Ukraine-Russian War

Process essay

Process essay shows the steps of performing a procedure to teach someone how to do something. Due to this, they are also known as “how-to” essays. An excellent example of these essays is “how to write an expository essay outline” or “steps to create expository essay format.”

You should keep in mind that the steps of the ideas need to follow a chronological order when writing a process essay. With this said, the next subheading will look at the steps of writing an expository essay.

Expository Essay Writing Help

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How Do You Brilliantly Write An Expository Essay Fast?

If you desire to know how to write an expository essay fast, you should read this section critically. You may also make notes or bookmark the page.

This section will not show you how to type your essay faster, but it will show you the steps and strategies you can use to greatly reduce the duration of writing an expository essay. Many of you students get stranded at different points when creating an expository paper; for instance, some of you have a hard time coming up with a topic, thesis statement, or method of development. So, this section will provide you with tips that you may use to brainstorm these aspects and others faster.

The key tip for writing an expository essay fast is that you should follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose a topic

If you are looking for a good expository essay topic, try brainstorming. Take the essay instructions and sit in a comfortable place without any distractions. Go through the instructions and create a long list of topic ideas that come to mind. Then pick the topic idea with the following features:

  • Relevant
  • Attractive
  • Informative
  • Brief

You should know that the thesis statement of your expository essay will be based on the topic. So, when you are brainstorming the topic, you should also note the thesis ideas.

Step 2: Do Research and Find Materials

After determining your expository essay topic, the next step is doing profound research and finding the materials you will use to support your arguments. You may receive a better grade on your expository paper if you use credible sources. So, try as much as possible to find and use credible sources.

Step 3: Choose the fit Method of development

Before creating an expository essay outline, you should decide on the most appropriate method of arranging your essay. One of the above subheadings has explained the different types of expository essays, such as compare and contrast, process essays, and problem and solution essays, among others. Now, you should pick the best out of the five. To know the best, try to reflect on the research.

What do you see from the research? Does the expository essay topic resemble a process, problem, an event that has occurred, or two subjects that need to be compared? Go through the five types with the research in mind, and you will see the fittest type to use.

Step 4: Create an outline and Thesis statement

Once you settle on the appropriate method of development, organize your ideas and create your expository essay thesis. Then, make an outline by using the materials you found. The outline should have the three universal parts of all essays:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Ensure you note down the subtopic for each paragraph. Afterward, create a draft and proofread it. As easy as that. That’s how you make a good expository paper in a fast way. Additionally, if you want the essay to be written more quickly, you should place your order with us. We have enormously experienced homework experts that will give you the expository essay writing help you may desire.

General Expository Essay Structure

If you are a newbie at expository writing, you should consider reading as many expository essay samples as possible. The samples will significantly assist you in getting a better grasp of expository writing, such as how to structure your essay, write good topics and theses, and best use objective language.

If you have gone through the samples, you have noticed that they somehow follow a particular outline. So, what is the general outline of the expository essay samples for colleges? The general expository essay structure of the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion are discussed in the sections below.

How do you write an expository essay introduction?

You should start an expository essay with a captivating sentence that will grab the readers’ attention. This is called a hook. At the end of the expository essay introduction, include a thesis statement.

How do you write an expository essay body paragraph?

The body of an expository essay immensely covers your topic and should be divided into main points. In this section, you offer details of your topic, idea, or process. The most important ideas should start with each in its own paragraph and should connect to the thesis statement. Many expository essay formats have three body paragraphs, but it is not compulsory. Each paragraph needs to start with a topic sentence and make sure you connect the different paragraphs with transitional phrases.

Also, you will need to adhere to the following rules for writing expository essays:

  • Back up your ideas and arguments with solid evidence.
  • Include real-life, literature, and historical examples to support your points.
  • Avoid using lengthy reasoning and biased details.

You should format the body paragraphs of expository essays as follows:

  1. Paragraph 1 – Point 1

Initiate with a topic sentence

Include details with evidence that supports the topic sentence.

Summarize the paragraph and include a transition that will take your reader to the next one

  1. Paragraph 2 – Point 2

Initiate with a topic sentence

Include details with evidence that supports the topic sentence.

Summarize the paragraph and include a transition that will take your reader to the next one

  1. Paragraph 3 – Point 3

Initiate with a topic sentence

Include details with evidence that supports the topic sentence.

Summarize the paragraph and include a transition that will take your reader to the next one

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 How do you write an expository essay conclusion?

You can wow your reader by ensuring that your expository essay conclusion restates the thesis, summarizes the essay's key points, and shows the topic’s significance.

What to look for when proofreading your expository essays?

After you are through with drafting your expository essay, you should polish up the paper by performing thorough proofreading. You should not dive into proofreading immediately after you finish the draft; instead, you should take a short break. Maybe you go to sleep and polish it up the following day.

The checklist below can assist you in ensuring detailed proofreading. Otherwise, you can reach out to us, and we will assist you in proofreading. Apart from providing expository essay writing help, you will get other benefits and bonuses when you give us your “expository essay” order. You can look at our services to get a bigger picture. Now, let’s look at the checklist:

  • Look at the syntax. Is it possible to add additional examples, make sentences shorter, or strengthen your arguments?
  • Evaluate the content. You ought to confirm that you have conveyed your thoughts properly and there are no logical errors.
  • Remove meaningless repetitions, odd words, and typos.
  • Make sure your content is original by checking the plagiarism of the expository essay.
  • Finally, you can request someone to review the document and offer feedback.


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Expository Essay Writing Help

Expository Essay Writing Help

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