How To Choose Essay Topic


Essay topics can be questions or statements that students are required to expound on further using a combination of logical arguments and credible sources. Many times your instructor will offer prompts, but sometimes you are required to come up with your own essay topics as long as they fall under that particular subject.

Why Is Your Essay Topic Choice Important?

Students learn a wide array of content in school. Every few weeks, they undergo tests to demonstrate the knowledge acquired. It is through this that instructors gauge the efficiency of their teaching methods.

For these reasons, you should select a topic you are conversant with as well as one in which extensive research has been conducted. This allows you to form coherent arguments and have numerous supporting sources to cite. The result of this determines your grades since a complex topic may lead to underdeveloped arguments.

How To Choose Essay Topic

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What Are The 4 Main Types of Essays?

An essay is a piece of writing that informs or persuades. Essay types and topics are connected, hence the need to understand the differences. The different essay types you will come across are:

1. Argumentative essay

The argumentative essay genre is one that requires students to investigate a topic and take a stance on an issue in addressing opposing viewpoints. Argumentative essays seek to persuade the reader to adopt your point of view. An example of an argumentative essay topic is: Does social media offer more benefits or disadvantages for users?

2. Narrative essay

This is an essay genre in which the writer tells a vivid story. It uses rich vocabulary to set a scene and atmosphere and is highly creative. A narrative essay topic example is; the best day of my life.

3. Expository essay

An expository essay requires a writer to explore and expound on an idea and seeks to communicate facts. It is objective and formal in nature and relies on the heavy use of scientific data. This genre includes essay topics such as; the impact of the cotton gin on industrialization.

4. Descriptive essay

Using creative and clear imagery, a student can write a descriptive essay on an object, place, person, experience, emotion, or situation. An example of a descriptive essay topic is; why I love my pet.

5 Steps To Help You Choose The Best Essay Topic

Many students get confused when they start writing and wonder if their choice is appropriate. It may be too complex or too simple for your academic level, so caution and proper research are necessary. For this reason, we have compiled a few steps guaranteed to help with the process.

1. Identify your essay type, audience, and intent

As a student, you will write different types of essays. These include argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive. Each of these tests different skills. As such, you should be aware of which essay type is required of you.

For these reasons, the intent contributes to the type of essay. However, students mainly write for an academic audience consisting of their instructors and peers, so they should maintain the standard essay writing format. As a result, the topic should interest the audience. For example, a scientific course requires a technical essay on a topic of interest to those within the community.

2. Brainstorm some topics

Look for a topic that sparks your interest. These could be sourced from current events or controversial topics. Make a long list of options from a category of your choice, and extract details that you can utilize as points to reinforce your argument. Another great approach is to consider the takeaway you want your essay to conclude with.

3. Focus on a niche

Once you decide on a broad topic, choose a specific topic and examine its depth. Is it worth writing an essay for, or is there little depth to the content? If the topic is worth it, draw out some elements and focus on them. For example, for a music essay, you can focus on contemporary music and write about the growth of AI artists and the potential effects their popularity may pose on human artists.

4. Define as a question

After focusing on a niche topic, you can frame it as a question to help offer context. For example, our chosen topic could be phrased as “How AI artists will affect human artists’ careers.”

5. Create an outline

Now that you have your topic, you can form an outline. A typical essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Think about what you want to write about and how you want your essay to be perceived. If the essay is long, formulate a timeline and goals you wish to achieve over specific periods of time.

Which Resources Can Help You Choose An Essay Topic?

  • News Sources that highlight current events. The news often covers interesting topics such as new industry regulations, technologies, or occurrences that can form a good essay topic.
  • Consult your instructor for advice. They likely have a wealth of information on the best topics you can explore and can offer good ideas and guidance.
  • Use online scholarly peer-reviewed articles and journals for ideas. These offer credible information from expert researchers that help reinforce your argument.
  • Encyclopedias and handbooks offer detailed information on a subject. For example, if you need information on computers, you can look through a related encyclopedia that can offer relevant details.
  • Alternatively, you can request assistance from our essay writing services. Our experts can form an essay topic based on your major.


In summary, choosing an interesting and relevant essay topic to write on can determine your grades. As a result, it is important to assess what interests you within the subject provided, follow a proper academic structure, and consult external sources. Additionally, you should begin by identifying your audience, brainstorming, focusing on a niche, defining the question, and forming an outline. With these tips in mind, you are ready to ace your essay and begin the journey to academic growth. In case you need any essay writing help, place your order now and get instant essay writing help.

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How To Choose Essay Topic

How To Choose Essay Topic

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