How to Write "Should College Athletes Be Paid"


The world of athletics has seen a lot of growth and changes over the years. Professional athletes have accumulated a lot of wealth from the respective games and sports they participate in. the amount of money that is being invested in athletics has made it very lucrative for a lot of people. Some athletes have managed to make it to the list of the richest people in the world. However, they all do not start as professional athletes. Most of them were active participants in athletics while they were still in college and high school.

Most college students will advance their careers professionally as athletes. Therefore, while they are still in school, they put most of their focus on training and preparing for games to attract scouts from professional teams to get a chance of being recruited. Therefore, when preparing an essay on whether college athletes should be paid, there are some issues that you should put into consideration.

1.    The amount of money the school will generate from the athletes

 Most of the athletes that participate in college athletics have made a very big name for themselves hence there have been a lot of endowment deals from various apparel companies. Major sporting industries like Nike have made a lot of money from selling apparel that they market through student-athletes. Whenever there are athletic competitions among colleges, the student-athletes attract a lot of fans to the stadiums hence there are a lot of ticket sales. The media will also pay to be able to access coverage of the events. However, the money generated from the deals will not go to the students, rather it goes to the school.

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2.    The student’s future

Most of the students who participate in college athletics have a dream of playing professionally in the future. Therefore, they will invest most of their time in athletics rather than their studies. Athletics tend to take away studies from the athletes since they will spend most of their time practicing rather than studying. Most college athletes will become professionals, but their studies will be affected. Therefore, the future of student-athletes will depend mostly on athletics rather than on studies. So in the case that they do not participate in professional athletics, they will have a very hard time in their future endeavors since they will not have good educational credentials.

3.    It is a job

In most of the athletics events prepared by colleges, there will be a lot of money generated by the schools. Athletes will spend a lot of time in the fields practicing for competitions. Most of their time besides school work will be spent practicing for upcoming competitions. Therefore, participating in athletics will be like working in a real job. Most students who do not participate in athletics will look for part-time jobs that they will do after their school work. Hence, they will be able to earn upkeep money. On the other hand, student-athletes will have no time to look for jobs since most of their free time is used up in training and preparing for upcoming athletic competitions.

4.    The risk of getting injured

Most college student-athletes aim to be the best they can be so that they can attract scouts that can help them smoothly transition from college athletics to professional athletics. Consequently, the students will push themselves hard to try and be the best they can be in every competition. They will take many risks while participating in competitions which can lead to severe injuries. An injured athlete cannot participate in any competition. Since most college athletes aim at participating professionally, a severe injury can easily make it impossible and since they focused more on athletics than studies, they will lack the credentials to get cooperate jobs.

5.    Competition

Most college athletes will lack the drive and motivation to participate in the competitions since they will be risking their future since professional athletics is not promised. College athletes are many and all eye participating professionally but the slots available for professional athletes are few thus some of them will reduce their concentration on athletes and put more effort into their studies. This will give them hope for a future away from athletics. Therefore, if they are paid, the competition would be intense since they will have the financial stability to start life after college.

6.    School publicity

Some schools have managed to create a big reputation for athletic success over the years. College students will help place their colleges on the lips of many people due to their success. Consequently, the school will get a lot of publicity hence there will be more students applying to join the colleges. With more students applying to colleges, it means the school will generate more income. Therefore, the college athletes will have to act in the role of brand ambassadors for the school.

However, while preparing an essay on whether college students should be paid, you should not focus on the positive only, but also you should note the adverse effects that may arise from paying college students.

1.    Inequality

If college students were to be paid, then there would be inequality in college athletics competitions since not all colleges have the same financial ability. Therefore, some colleges will lure student-athletes to their schools with a promise of bigger salaries than they are receiving at their current college. This will cause unfairness in the competitions since one team may lure all the best players causing domination in college athletics.

2.    Negative effect on athletics

At the college level of athletics, students are supposed to be playing for fun or as a hobby, unlike professional athletics where it is a career, job, or a means of earning a living. Therefore, if college students were to be paid to participate in athletics, it would turn college athletics into professional. College students are still young and should play for the love of the sport while improving their skills.

3.    Affect other departments

If college students were to be paid, then it means that other departments in the college will suffer financially. The athletic department will end up consuming a lot of the school’s finances hence other departments will have very few funds left to keep them running thus altering the running of the colleges.

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How to Write "Should College Athletes Be Paid"

How to Write "Should College Athletes Be Paid"

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