12 Ways to Improve your Calculus Skills


If you are a focused student but frustrated with your poor grades in calculus, don't give up. You have a chance to improve your performance. I understand the struggle, and that's why I am here to guide you on how to improve your skills in calculus. Calculus is not as complicated as many claim it to be; however, it depends on your passion and determination. You only need to follow a well-defined and proven strategy to hack the subject. Here is a composing guide for the various proven ways to help you shine in calculus.

  1. Create a solid calculus foundation.

It is good to have a deep understanding of the mathematics foundation that serves as pre-calculus work. Ensure that you are conversant with geometry, trigonometry, and algebra before you dive deeper into solving calculus problems. These topics are critical foundations of calculus that jointly interact to form advanced calculus. For that reason, understanding them individually will give you an easy time in improving your calculus grades.

  1. Be conversant with the concept of limits.

The concept of limit is a very recurrent theory you cannot avoid in calculus. Upon mastering the topic, you can easily break down the complex calculus problems into smaller sections that you can evaluate without much challenge. The law of calculus simplification demands that you comprehend every area of concern and solve them before you add them.

12 Ways to Improve your Calculus Skills

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  1. Master the fundamental theorems of calculus

Calculus is broken down into two significant theorems; the differentiation and integration theories. Understanding the two concepts will help you solve even more complex challenges with an open mind, as no calculus problem does not navigate around the two concepts.

  1. Note down the things to memorize

Do not be scared by the subject's many formulas, equations, theorems, and definitions. With a strategic studying method, you can master this complex subject. You should fundamentals as they are being taught in class to help you later in your assignment and exams. By memorizing them regularly, you won't need to remember too many theorems and formulae just before the exam.

  1. Learn the problem-solving approach as taught in class

Calculus counts on your clear understanding of the formula; however, you must understand the problem-solving process for every problem. You must be attentive in class to know the teacher’s approach to different calculus problems. This will give you the confidence to handle any question in calculus.

  1. Adopt the culture to solve problems

Upon understanding the approach to solving problems, you need to translate several other issues as a practice to expand your brain. The more practice you make, the easier you get the subject and hence easier to acquire new grades. Every problem gives you a feeling of confidence and sureness that you understand calculus and can handle any situation in the subject.

  1. Develop your problem-solving tactic

When you practice calculus every day and learn from your mistakes, you will develop a formula to solve problems of any kind. Practices enhance your creativity and mastery of the subject such that no question will appear impossible for you.

  1. Mobilize at least one or two of your colleagues to form a study group

Because you are in the same class, you have the same goals to pursue your career. Organize group discussions in your study groups to practice calculus, do your assignments in the groups, and prepare for the exams. Groups help to improve your communication skills, which is necessary for calculus. It allows you to track the time spent solving a given problem and how effectively you solve them. The study groups give you the confident feeling that you are not alone. They make you grow in the subject as you can ask for help freely without fear of being judged. A study group also improves your accountability as the members keep checking on your progress. With this, you have to keep the subject in mind.

  1. Use unlimited resources for your revisions.

The class notes are not enough; look for other resources to help expand your knowledge in the subject. Some of these resources include; online academic websites, teaching assistants, and homework solutions. Different resources will teach you different approaches to the same problem to choose what best suits your case.

  1. Ask questions in class.

You should never leave a calculus class with doubts about a given problem. Before every class, prepare some questions to ask your tutor, especially in the areas where everyone has their challenges. It prevents you from making errors or adopting the wrong method to replicate in your exams. As my lecturer once said, Calculus lessons are not the lessons you miss. Attend every calculus class and participate actively.

  1. Do an in-depth studying.

Memorizing equations and formulas is not enough. You will find most of the calculus problems test how much you can apply the knowledge to real-life situations. For this reason, you need to have an insightful understanding of the subject and its application through comprehensive coverage of the whole subject. Engage your mind in the whole problem-solving method and explore the different methods used to solve one problem.

  1. Prepare for challenging exams.

Do not expect an easy time in calculus. Expect complicated problems to build your mentality to solve them. This way, you will find yourself excelling with good grades as you solve every question with the seriousness it needs.

In conclusion, as stated earlier, all the above ways have been proven to work for many students. However, your success depends on how best you apply each of them and their combinations. Passing a calculus exam requires more than just reading; you have to use strategic tips to retain what you have read. Above all, you need to gain passion and consistency in the subject. It is one of the subjects that will help to open up your brain to handle problems from any other technical issue and general life problems. Get yourself a team that will help you achieve your goals.

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12 Ways to Improve your Calculus Skills

12 Ways to Improve your Calculus Skills

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