Writing Strategies

Select a recent article that supports your research proposal's literature review (scholarly peer reviewed journal article).

Initial Post:

Describe the search process you used to identify the article, include the database or search engine and search terms used, and explain why you chose this approach over a different strategy. Include why you selected the article that you are presenting. Remember to include APA reference of your article.

Briefly summarize the main finding(s) of the study (do not describe the study in full), and then answer the following questions:

Writing Strategies

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  • What did the authors do well in the writing of the article?  
  • What makes this an effective or ineffective article?
  • How could this article be revised to improve the article?
  • Who is the audience for this article?
  • What value does this article have for your literature review section?

Peer Posts:

Respond to peers with suggestions as to how they could improve their search process with helpful tips.

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