Writing Project 4

Writing Project 4: The Purpose Analysis




The Purpose Analysis assignment is the fourth major writing project in ENG101. This assignment is the third and final writing project in a series that builds up to the Rhetorical Analysis writing project in the final modules of the course. This project also gives you experience thinking about and analyzing how purpose and strategies work in rhetorical situations.




In this assignment, you will explore how particular strategies work to support or achieve a purpose in a particular rhetorical situation. Specifically, you will analyze an advertisement for a product. This can be a print, public (like a billboard), or digital (Internet) advertisement. However, if you chose an advertisement for your Audience Analysis, you should choose a different advertisement for the Purpose Analysis.

Writing Project 4

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The purpose of this assignment is to understand how strategies work to achieve a purpose in a particular rhetorical situation, and since you are analyzing an advertisement for a product, the ultimate purpose is going to be to sell the product. So, the main point of this assignment is to analyze - in detail - how the strategies work towards achieving that purpose.




Your purpose analysis should explain - in detail - at least 3 strategies that work towards selling the product in the advertisement, and this explanation should describe how any strategies you articulate are particular types of rhetorical appeals (to logos, pathos, or ethos). Note: As you are looking for strategies remember to look at things like images and colors used along with explicit text messages.


In addition to explaining your strategies and how they work, you should also make a judgment about which strategy is most successful and describe why.


Your project should include a primary insight that makes a judgment about how successful the strategies are - overall - in working to achieve the purpose in the advertisement


Your project is written for an audience and should be written with an audience in mind: it should be organized in such a way that readers can follow your thinking from paragraph to paragraph and within each paragraph. This organization should lead your reader to your primary insight in a clear manner; in other words, your primary insight should help structure your project.


Since you are writing for a website (your ePortfolio site), you should include and integrate at least one multimodal element. You could include pictures, sounds, or even hyperlinks to other websites; but you must make sure that your reader understands why you are including these elements. Consider what media might reinforce your primary insight, capture the purpose, and/or appeal to your readers in another way. For this project, you probably should include an image of the advertisement under discussion (if possible). Just do not forget to explicitly refer to that element and explain it to your readers.


Your project should be approximately 500-1000 words in length.

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