Writing Assignment

Describe the four different strategic dispositions

Each of these assignments will be at least 500 words in length. The assignment must be 12-point font (Times New Roman) and double-spaced. Submissions less than the 500-word requirement will receive a 50-point deduction. Assignments not in accordance with the font and double-spacing requirements as well as any other guidance provided will receive a 15-point deduction per occurrence). The specifics for each of these three assignments is on the last page of this syllabus. 

Below is the grading scheme for the writing intensive assignments.
-Late submission and/or submission over the wrong case study- 100-point deduction
-Short of the 500-word requirement- 50-point deduction
-Not double spaced and/or not 12-point font and/or Times New Roman-15-point deduction -Grammatical errors- 5 points per occurrence
-Questions not immediately listed above the response- 15-point deduction
--Certain questions not answered- 15-point deduction per occurrence

Writing Assignment

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