This week I have uploaded two stories for you to read: Borders, by Thomas King and Featherweight, by Sterling HolyWhiteMountain.  Both tales explore the meaning of going off the reservation for American Indians.  Yet the experiences they relate are very different.  In a critique of 750 words or more, contrast the two stories.  As we discussed in class, you should try to have a clear thesis driving your response.  Think of it as a mini-essay perhaps not as developed as a full-length essay, but with the essential ingredients of a thesis and supporting examples, including quotes from the texts of the stories.

Part 2 of your assignment is to inform your critique with a bit of outside research.

One of the objectives of this course is to make sure that students are familiar with the rudiments of good literary research and skilled at incorporating research findings into their writing.


Your understanding of these two stories especially Borders can be enhanced by some background knowledge about Blackfoot Indian history and culture.  I would like you to do a little research and include at least two quotes (from two separate sources) in your critique.  You can conduct research on the authors, find critical commentary on the stories themselves, or look for relevant historical background information.  But try not to simply adduce irrelevant facts and figures.  When you quote from your research, the quote should help to support some claim or observation you are making about the story. 


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For the two quotes, I will provide attachments.

I am looking for someone who will put deep thought into this assignment and spend time reading/ listening to these articles/stories. I would love a clear and straightforward thesis and a clear essay. Before you enter a bid would like you to have reviewed the 


please remember I'm a student and not a professor so please make the essay sound less like a tutor and maybe more like a first-year college student. That saying please don't use too many "big words" where I would have to go looking for a dictionary. 

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