Here are the questions: 

 At least 2 pages double spaced for each answer. 

1. Describe in some detail 3 theories in the text in the introduction, and NYT article (Darwin's God) in handout section and the ones we have discussed about why religion developed as a concept in human experience, i.e. why did people start thinking in a "religious context" or what are the theories of the origins of religion. Talk about the theories that we have discussed and that you have read about. Show me that you have an understanding of all of them, i.e. Animism, natural forces, dreams, projection of needs and evolutionary (Darwin's God article in Handouts). Cite the text and the article in your answer. Which theory most appeals to you and why. So this question has  parts: 1) the theories themselves and/or the proponents, if any, and 2) your favorite and why.

2. Explain the notion of taboo as it is articulated in the text. Describe two specific religion-based examples, and speculate on how or why each arose.


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3. Write about 1 element of the Caves to Cosmos Video which you found interesting and put it in the context of what you have learned thus far in the course, ie how it fits into theories of religion or what you have learned about Native American Religion or African Religion or how it relates to myth, ritual, etc. 


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