Write Some Summary Paragraphs

Prerequisites: Read Narayan and Wong; do mini-lessons on and and purpose.

This Discussion assignment asks you to write summary paragraphs of one of the two essays we're working with, by Narayan or Wong. You'll write three paragraphs, each for a different audience: our class, a young  teenager who looks up to you, and a close friend. Make your choices of language and tone rhetorical--that is, based on who your audience is. Your purpose for all three is to demonstrate understanding (of the text itself and in connection to food stories in America). 

Follow the steps you've learned at the summary writing mini-lesson, and your paragraphs should be rather short. I think about 5 sentences each should do. 

Write Some Summary Paragraphs

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Please include who the audience is for each paragraph. 


Reminders for Summary Paragraphs

    • The topic sentence states the source information and the authors main idea.
    • The supporting sentences state the authors main points, not details, and in the order given.
    • Use all of your own words; do not use any quotes.
    • The concluding sentence gives the authors conclusionin your own words.
    • Please do not substitute reading this list for the entire :-)

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