Write A Play

write your own play. You are given the FIRST line of dialogue and the LAST line of dialogue (see below) what you write in between is all up to your imagination!


Determine a location.

You must have at least two characters in your play. You may have more, but no more than 5.  (The more characters you have, the longer your play will need to be.)

Each character must have a minimum of 10 lines. (So, if you have 2 characters, you have a minimum of 20 total lines of dialogue. If you have 5 characters, you have a minimum of 50 total lines of dialogue.)

Your characters must have names.

Write A Play

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There must be a clear protagonist and antagonist.

There must be a conflict between the protagonist and antagonist.

You must include stage directions and parentheticals. (Review lecture notes on )

Try for some subtext, too.

Your play must have a title.

Your FIRST line of dialogue is: Quick! Marvel or DC?

Your LAST line of dialogue is: I hope you're cool with telling people we met volunteering at an old folks home.

Fill in the gaps with your own dialogue.

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