World Politics Discussion


  1. Select any 3 questions presented in the Discussions for your original posts (i.e. Original responses). Your first three original responses to these 3 questions posted by the professor are due Wednesday 11:59 pm EST)
  2. Post comments that respond to and discuss 2 of your classmates' posts.   You are not required to include references in these secondary comments. However, including references will support your discussion and will increase your point score. Titles for your secondary response comments should include "... from A to B" in the subject line to show the linkage and ease the readability. Responses to classmates' postings must be done by Friday 5:00PM EST.


World Politics Discussion

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1) What is co-optation? How do nondemocratic regimes achieve political control through co-optation?
2) What are the five forms of nondemocratic rule and what is each one's preferred method of control? In recent years, are nondemocratic regimes retreating or retrenching? Why?
3) What are the main tools used by nondemocratic regimes to control its population
4) List and explain the main types of nondemocratic rule
5) How is totalitarianism different from other forms of nondemocratic rule? Why have some scholars suggested that the concept of totalitarianism be abandoned in comparative politics?

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