Why I Want To Go Into Medicine

I need an essay written for me of Why do I want to go into medicine?

i wrote out an entire draft that is roughly 6 -7 pages long answeing why I want to become a      doctor and detailing all my experiences and stories that ultimitly brought me to the conclusion that I must be a doctor

Why I Want To Go Into Medicine

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The way I structured my draft was by startingoff with what really planted the seed and then what watered that seed. I furtherexplained below what I meant by that.

-         Whatplanted the seed what led me to think about medicine as a carrier. How didthis event / experience turn into me wanting to become a doctor? How have theseexperiences confirmed why medicine is right for me?

-         Whatexperiences have I had that led me to this, knowing that I want to be aphysician.

When starting the personal statement begin with a narrativescene and hook. Draw the reader into my head. Have the reader feel what wasgoing on, as opposed to starting off the essay with saying I always wanted tobe a physician since. Set the scene to engage the reader.

The essay should be written in a descriptive manner so thereader can feel the emotions that I had to go through. The reader should beable to understand what my exposure to medicine was and what I like about itand why ultimately this is my life aspiration. Overall, there should be a senseof a timeline, but it shouldnt be too focused of the timeline of the differentmedical struggles I had to go through.

When ending the essay conclude using an aspiration quote. Meaning,what am I going to do once I become a doctor and how I will treat my patients. Asthe writer you need to always keep in mind that the question being answered iswhy medicine.





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