What Can The Study Of Primates Tell US About Human Beings?


Read all chapter, in particular, pages 74-76.

Essay Topic

Primates are a highly diverse order but there are several characteristics that all primates share. First define those characteristics (ancestral characteristics, evolutionary trends, and unique morphological features). Then respond to the following: What adaptive explanations do paleoanthropologists give for the unique features of primates?

What Can The Study Of Primates Tell US About Human Beings?

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Guidelines for Papers

The Films Discussions and Expository Essays must be in MLA format as follows:

  • 1-inch margin on all four (4) sides of the paper
  • 12 size text, Times New Roman font
  • double-spaced
  • in the upper left-hand corner should be your name, the instructor's name, course information, date, and assignment
  • in the upper-right corner should be a header with your last name and page number

All work turned in must demonstrate a sincere effort on the student’s part to construct a clear thesis and develop an argument logically in a well-organized essay, with support of major points by specific examples and quotations from the text.  Ideally, a student’s work should present fresh, creative approaches based on his/her own ideas.  All work should be free of mechanical errors and be thoroughly proofread. 

Assignment Instructions

This assignment requires you to write 500 to 600 words (2 to 2 2/3 pages paper).

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