Websites For ACME VP Browning To Share With Employees

Browning Website Empirical Research Paper

  1. Introduction

    1. Purpose

      1. The purpose of this report is…

    2. Problem 

      1. Context

      2. Establishing a wellness program and a website to help with this

    3. Audience 

      1. INT’s

    4. “Road Map”

      1. Mini table of contents

        1. “With report will include the following”

        2. “The way i am going to show you why xyz website is the best option is because of researching and investigating an extensive amount of other websites”

          Websites For ACME VP Browning To Share With Employees

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  2. Method

    1. Comes from scientific method

    2. Contacting someone knowledgeable

      1. Not a good method. One opinion

        1. Multiple doctors would be better results

    3. Actual Search

      1. What websites you used

    4. Standards

      1. Standards for good websites

        1. Usually 4 or 5

      2. “Abc are the standards I used based off of the harvard cite for website standards”

  3. Results

    1. Descriptive objective information

    2. “Here is what sites I used, This is what the sites said”

    3. Easy to find information?

  4. Discussion (opinion)

    1. “According to xyz standard the website i chose is better then the others because of xyz”

    2. Use standards to repeat 

  5. Conclusion/Recom

    1. Shown audience opinion and evidence to prove said opinion

    2. Need 1 website and prove it is the best

    3. Reading this report for the one website to recommend for the other employees

      1. Give enough evidence to why this website and not others

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