Was The American Revolution A Conservative Act?

A short (two to three pages) essay. The purpose of this exercise will be to utilize critical and analytical writing skills in order to discuss the ways in which historical questions surround themes covered in class. The assigned chapter in the Taking Sides reader will provide the foundation of this essay. Roughly half of the assignment will require you to identify and summarize the author’s thesis and argument points. The remainder of the assignment will be to explain whether you agree or disagree with the author. Papers will be double spaced, have one inch margins, use twelve font Times New Roman, and contain a title. Use of the first-person voice is prohibited. Be sure to mention the author and state your thesis (your response to the question) in your introduction, use specific examples from the author's argument in your summary with summary sentences like “According to the author…,” defend your thesis in the body of your essay, and restate your thesis in your conclusion.

The book:

Was The American Revolution A Conservative Act?

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