Unit 7: Communication And Social Media Assignment


Summary: In this assignment, you will explain concepts from this unit and then find examples from social media to demonstrate those concepts.

Concepts: You will use the information you learned in this unit to explain, in your own words, two of the following concepts: Trait Theory of Message Production, Communibiological Approach to Message Production, Constructivism, Attribution Theory, Cognitive Dissonance Theory, Social Judgment Theory, Elaboration Likelihood Theory, Symbolic Interactionism, Social Constructivism, Kupplers Definition of Culture, or Marx on Culture and Ideology.

Unit 7: Communication And Social Media Assignment

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Examples: There are several ways to find examples for this assignment:
     1. You are most familiar with what you do on social media, so start there looking for examples of the concepts above. You could ask yourself, for example: 'Did you post something that reminds you of the ways people talk about events, as explained in Attribution Theory?' or 'Do you choose which people to follow in ways that suggest the lesson of Social Judgment Theory?'
     2. If you do not use social media regularly, you can choose to find a friend or family member and talk to them about their usage, and they may be able to help you find an example. You could also ask yourself, for example: 'What does Social Constructivism Theory say about the posts your family members make?' 'Is there Cognitive Dissonance in two posts your friend made on the same day?' It might help to have a conversation with that person about one of the concepts, as they scroll through their social media feed trying to help you with examples. For example, you could show them in your text the explanation of Elaboration Likelihood, and after talking about it, try to find an example in their social media feed.
     3. Try to find examples from your social media, or that of someone you know, first. If you do not use social media, and you do not have anyone to talk to about their social media usage, you may find examples of these concepts from your in-person (interpersonal) interactions.
     Note: No part of this assignment requires you to reveal private details of a social media account, handle, or profile to the instructor. You should remove personally identifiable information if you choose to, and you should only choose an example that you are comfortable sharing.

Keep in Mind: 

For each, you will be graded on your ability to explain the concept in your own words, and on the accuracy and descriptiveness of the example you find to support your explanation of each concept.


Download the blank worksheet. Type your answers into the appropriate spaces below, save the document using the filename format YOURNAME_SocialMedia, and submit the document in the course using the 'upload' function.

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