Unit 4

Thematic Essay 4: Five Paragraphs on Coplin    

Topic: Your task is to compose five distinct paragraphs, each of which discusses ideas from Coplin (2013) and your personal experiences. Such paragraph structures would include:

[Your experience, with the last sentence leading into Coplin], a pattern Coplin (2014) highlighted in his discussion of [specific topic from Coplin]. He observed that [a paraphrase of a specific idea, and/or a direct quote followed by the timestamp.]

[Workplace-related observation from Coplin establishing the general topic of the paragraph] (Coplin, 2013). For example, [your experiences]. Ultimately, the resolution suggested by Coplin would have been to

[Your experience.] This type of issue is typical of modern workplace management (Coplin, 2013). [Youve just cited evidence that your experience is common. Continue describing your experience, but do not change the general topic established at the beginning of the paragraph.]

Guidelines: Naturally, because you will be discussing Coplin (2013) in each paragraph, all of your paragraphs will include an in-text citation. You should include a direct quote in at least one of the paragraphs. This will require you to provide the timestamp. See Timestamp on page 55 of the PACS APA Guide.

Each paragraph should be between 120 and 160 words. Less and your paragraph will lack substance and structure; more, and you are probably dealing with more than one topic. Be sure to include summarizing and paraphrasing techniques. (Total Length: 600-800 words)

Unit 4

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