Unit 10 Writing In Mathematics

A quadratic function is a type of nonlinear function that models certain situations.  As an object falls, its speed continues to increase, so its height above the ground decreases at a faster and faster rate.  One can model the objects height with the function h = 16t2 + c.  The height h is given in feet above the ground after the time t is given in seconds, and the objects initial height c is given in feet. Using the Text Editor, write a brief essay in which you describe the difference between a linear function and a quadratic function.  Provide specific details regarding the appearance of the two functions and their graphs. Describe how a quadratic function and a linear function might go together, and what the graph might look like. Additionally, describe the plan or steps to solving the problem below to help you support your assertions:

A pinecone drops from a tree branch that is 20 feet above the ground.  The function h = 16t2 + 20 is used.  If the height h of the pinecone is in feet after seconds, at about what time does the pinecone hit the ground? 

Unit 10 Writing In Mathematics

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