Two Main "isms" (styles)

Practice describing and discussing musical styles of the 20th century.


Two Main

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  1. Discuss two main 'isms" (styles) that developed as composers rebelled against the emotionalism of the late Romantic period:
    • Briefly define and describe each style.  When you use musical terms, put them in bold.
    • List the major composer(s) of each style, and at least one of their representative compositions.
  2. Now, considering the premise that "the twentieth century was a time of great upheaval in general, including in music," how do you think this upheaval affected developments in musical styles and genres?
  3. Your initial post for this discussion should be 150-250 words in length and completely fulfill the tasks above.  
  4. Finally, after you post, you will be able to see other students' posts and should respond to at least 2 of your fellow students with posts each of 40-60 words in length.  Your responses may be along any of the following lines: 
    • Response:  an answer to a discussion topic question, or to a previous post
    • Comment:  an observation regarding the content or characteristics of the discussion
    • Question:  asking one or more questions of a previous respondent
    • Clarification:  an explanation or elaboration of a previously posted response (either the poster's or another student's)
    • FYI:  a post that shares information gathered via research online or from the textbook, in which case, include the page number or a link to the original source.

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