Twilight- Los Angles, 1992

The introduction has to be interesting and provides context but it is a bit not long, especially because we don't get to the main topic until the second paragraph. You should cite sources when you use data.
Be sure to include the full name of the play and author correctly formatted.
The interview or scene is titled "When I Finally Got My Vision/Nightclothes" and should be formatted like this.
There has to be a more specific about the literary elements "Realism". It is a bit vague and general and needs to more specifically discuss a passage or something else specific about the scene. 
I need an argument.
 Be 400-700 words in length (about 2-3 pages)
 Offer a fairly original argument about the play that connects the plays larger thematic concerns with its literary elements
 Use the text of the play evidence for your argument
 Demonstrate basic skills in literary analysis and an understanding of basic literary concepts

Twilight- Los Angles, 1992

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