True Crime Research Assignment

Your objective is toresearch a criminal case concerning an infamous crime committed in the past 75years. You are expected to use proper research protocol in every way, includingwriting style and MLA annotation of sources. This project asks you to trace the narrative of a true crime casethrough different perspectives. You should consider the following: 

1.     a local newspaper ortelevision report

2.      a newspaper with national circulation (for example, TheNew York Times, The

WashingtonPost, The Los-Angeles Times)

3.     a printed or onlinemagazine with national circulation, online blog, or true-crime


4.      a national television news broadcast (for example, TheCBS Evening News, 360 with

Anderson Cooper, CNN), news magazine documentary program (such as Dateline:NBC, ABCs Primetime, CBS 48 Hours Mystery, A&Es AmericanJustice), or made-for-TV docudrama.


Retrace the presentation ofyour case through these outlets. Concentrate your analysis on how each mediasource changes the focus of the criminal case. For example, local news sourcesmight focus on victims and keeping the public safe, while national news sourcesmight portray the criminal in different ways. You can also focus on how specificevidence is found, discussed, analyzed, and displayed as the case shiftsrepresentational venues.

True Crime Research Assignment

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Your goal as a writer is not to categorize one source astrue and the others as false; treat all with equal suspicion regarding theirsubjectivity. Your paper should presentan analysis of how the story of crime may change over time as a caseprogresses through the stages of a prosecution and against the backdrop of thecourt of public opinion.

You may choose differentpoints in a cases timeline and connect those with different venues ofcoverage. You could choose one point in the case (initial report, indictment,trial date, or verdict) and explore that moments reportage across the fourvenues.

Follow this formatwhen preparing your written report:

       Discuss all relevant details/collected evidence of the crime

       Explain how the media played a role in the criminal case

       Clearly describe the eventual outcome of the case (if it isunsolved, discuss where it is currently).

       Use MLA citation format for all resources

Basic Requirements:


You should find a minimum of 8 sources and integrate at least 6 ofthose into your final paper.  All sourcesmust be credible. Your annotated bibliography contains the sources you willuse/need!


The final paper should be at least 5 pages in length (thisdoes not include the Works Cited page.)



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