Tips For New Dog Owners

  • The document is a very narrow audience type and can only be 2 pages MAX.
  • The document upload will be ONE file, 4 pages: Cover page, 2-page content doc (800 words and at least 60 full sentences), and Works Cited page FOR IMAGES USED ONLY FOLLOWING MLA 8TH EDITION format to be accepted. NO CLIP ART ALLOWED.  READ CHAPTER ON DESIGN PRINCIPLES.
  • The document is NOT a how-to.  It is FYI or FAQ.
  • You MUST title and MLA parenthetically cite each image under each image for the assignment to be graded.  See the sample, MLA Module, and link on How to Title and Cite Images under Project 2 please. IF YOU DO NOT, IT IS PLAGIARISM AND WILL RESULT IN A 0.
  • Please review the two newest Project 2 student samples uploaded as they have the correct content for the cover page.
  • The document must use RELEVANT images (see Design Principles Chapter-no clip art, filler images etc), and they are to be titled & MLA cited under each. 

Final Draft-2 pages maximum (including visuals)
3. You should NOT need to or actually use outside sources for the content.  You should know enough about your topic to write without accessing outside content sources; however, you might need to use images from sources.  Make sure you title them and cite them following MLA citation guidelines and include a Works Cited page.


Assignment Guidelines: “[C]reate an informational page addressed to some specific set of readers.  Use tables or charts, mix diagrams with words, or use other ways of presenting information visually to achieve your communication objectives” (Anderson 618).  .  .  . When planning your informational page, think carefully about how your readers will use your information and about how you can use graphics to make the facts you present as accessible, understandable, and useful as possible.  The advice given in Chapters 11 (‘Creating Reader-Centered Graphics’) and 12 (‘Designing Effective Pages and Screens’) can be especially helpful” (619).


Tips For New Dog Owners

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Sample ideas:  

1. “An explanation of a basic concept in your major, addressed to students who have just begun course work in it.
2. An explanation of a concept from your major that is important for members of the general public to understand as they make practical decisions.
3. A description of a process that would be important for clients or customers to know if they are going to purchase products or services from the kind of employer you would like to work for after graduation.
4. A reference card describing the computer labs on your campus, addressed to students who would want to use the labs
5. A study guide that might help someone in one of your courses learn a topic that will on an exam” (Anderson 619).


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