This Is My Squad

Learners will prepare an original Persuasive Essay on the Army topic This is My Squad. In youressay, provide two recommendations on how to improve implementation of the initiative within yourorganization and what it would result in. In doing so, use personal experience and at least one referenceto support the proposals. This paper must set forth an argument concerning these experiences within thecategory.b. Students will write in a clear and concise manner while using correct grammar, sentence structure, andword usage. The essay must be written in Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, and in APA 7thedition format (without an abstract, tables, charts, etc.). It must be a minimum of one page and no longerthan five pages in length, not to include the title and reference pages. The purpose of this paper is to allowfacilitators in providing learners with feedback on their current writing ability. Additionally, during theContemporary Issues lesson, there will be a discussion of the suggested remedies in order tocollaborate all ideas.

This Is My Squad

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