Theorist Discussion

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DP 1:The theorist I selected for this week’s discussion and assignment is John Rawls, (1921-2002). John was an active theorist and political philosopher. John argued that the liberty and equality in healthcare will lead to a well ordered/ethical society. John developed the theory of Justice within the healthcare system as well. Everyone has the right to fairness in healthcare, liberal socialism, property owning and much more. You can apply John’s ethical philosophy towards current healthcare issues when it comes to code of ethics and inequality vs equality. Every patient should benefit from the same healthcare supports and amenities. For example, treatment options, procedures, clinic visits and diagnosis should be accurate and performed to the best ability of the surgeon no matter the patients’ race, gender or sexual orientation. The reasoning behind John’s theory is so that everyone benefits no matter the cultural background and beliefs. Justice in fairness should be across the board and each patient should have their own personalized care based on their likes/dislikes and certain healthcare wishes. Code of ethics also comes into play when we consider Rawls theory and stance on justice within the healthcare system. It is not just anyone’s decision when it comes to personal choices and one’s own body; ethics must be followed to prevent bigger issues and establish a successful patient to doctor relationship. 

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DP 2:For this week’s discussion, I decided to do additional research on theorist Aristotle and what he has contributed to the field of healthcare. Aristotle was a student of Plato’s and rejected his theory of forms which made him more well-known initially. He made important contributions to physics, biology, mathematics, psychology, rhetoric, ethics, politics, and metaphysics (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2022). He was the first to develop a formal system for reasoning. In the healthcare field, reasoning and logic are important. There are a lot of things that may be going medically wrong with a patient and finding the reasoning and logic behind it is primary goal. Aristotle refers to logic as the way an individual demonstrates how they think, given one’s commitments and developing syntactical concepts of truth, definition, and prediction. (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2022). I think this can be applied to current issues in the healthcare field because there’s no black and white to one’s opinion. There has to be logic and reasoning behind everything that happens when medically treating a patient. 


Theorist Discussion

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Original Assignment:Topic: Ethics

Consider this Discussion as practice for the assignment; Select one of the Big 8 theorists under your Unit 1 readings. Discuss their contributions to the field of healthcare. How could you apply their ethical philosophy towards current issues facing healthcare?

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