The Legalization Of Cannabis In Canada

Must be written in Times New Roman 12 font APA 7th edition format. Must include a title page and reference list, not part of the 4 pages. The sources must be scholarly (journal) articles from North America, within the past 5 years. Minimum of 2 of the articles must be nursing literature such as 'Standard of Practice' or 'Best Practice Guideline'. Paper Topic: Patient Safety Essay Components - Title page - Introduction: thesis statement and purpose statement - 3 body paragraphs: - Discuss challenges faced by the patient (In Canada) - Discuss challenges faced by the nurse (In Canada) - Discuss the role of the nurse in addressing challenges and improving quality and safety of care in the situations/conditions. - Conclusion: a clear, concise summary of the findings and implications - References: All sources included in the paper and in APA 7th edition format You 19 hours ago - must be plagerism free You 17 hours ago -in text citation also required

The Legalization Of Cannabis In Canada

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