The Impact Of One Employee

Organizations must continuously change. Changes are made based upon a number of factors, which are influenced by employees (micro), teams (meso), and the organization (macro). In order for organizations to remain competitive, they must determine when changes are needed and consider how the change will impact various levels of the organization. For the purpose of this Critical Thinking Assignment, consider the following scenario:

Emily has worked for Organization XYZ for 15 years as a Sales Manager and has greatly contributed to the organization's profitability. Recently, your organization learned that Emily would be moving to a different part of the country, so she could be closer to her aging parents. You recognize that Emily's move will greatly impact the workplace and the company's profitability. Therefore, you determined that changes in policies and practices are needed to allow Emily to work from a distance.

The Impact Of One Employee

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For this Critical Thinking Assignment, address the following:

  1. Provide details regarding how Emily's move will impact micro, meso, and macro organizational factors.

  2. Explain what changes Human Resources (HR) must make based upon the offer provided to Emily to work from a distance.

  3. Given this situation, explain how the HR Department can effectively manage the change to ensure a successful transition for Emily and her team. What should HR do to ensure that all parties are taken care of? What can encourage successful change processes?

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