Summary Presentation Of Individual Article Critique Papers

For this discussion, I would like you to briefly share your findings from the article critique summary paper that you will be submitting this week. Sharing this with your peers will be a learning experience for them and you. 'Teaching' others gives you the opportunity to deepen your own learning. View this assignment through that lens and you will gain internal insights and insights from your peers that you can leverage in your final paper.
For your main post, please briefly describe the purpose and key points from each of the articles that you examined and your perspectives of the articles.  Basically, you will be providing an executive summary of your formal paper here in this discussion. 

  • All posts must be substantive, relevant, and respectful, and contribute value to the discussion. 
  • You must support your statements by integrating learning you've gained from the required readings. 
  • Although APA style is not required, you do need to include narrative identifying which readings you paraphrased from in your replies.  
  • As a graduate-level student, avoid direct quotes unless paraphrasing would dilute the impact of the original words; this should be rare.
    • If you do find a rare opportunitty to use a direct quote, you must add the page number to the in-text citation
    • Watch this  on paraphrasing vs using a direct quote. 
  • Go beyond I agree types of posts. The point is to further the discussion by asking questions and offering a different perspective. 
    • In fact, replying to a peer you don't necessarily agree with offers you a opportunity to apply higher level critical thinking skills by presenting a differing perspective in a professional writing style. 

Summary Presentation Of Individual Article Critique Papers

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