Subordination Of Women

Readings: This essay requires a total of three texts. You may choose any two assigned course readings, with the exception of the two you wrote about for Process Essay 1. Then, you should identify a text from outside of the course readings. The outside text can be a book (fiction or nonfiction), an article, an essay, a movie, a documentary, a song, or a poem. Essay Prompt:For your first essay assignment, you used two texts to make an argument about a common issue that they raised. For this essay assignment, I am asking you to bring three texts together to make an argument about an issue that is raised in all three texts. I encourage you think carefully about a real-world issue and/or potential ethical issues or questions that you could explore. For example, you might consider the ways in which a specific form of technology has impacted the way that people connect (or not) with each other and/or with nature. Or you might consider the impact that war has an individual and/or their family. There are a lot of different directions that you could explore in your paper, but make sure that your essay includes a thesis that makes an argument about the issue.Tips for Writing a Thesis for Process Essay #2:I encourage you to use the following thesis template (or an appropriate modification of it) for your Process Essay #2 thesis:Thesis template: Text A, Text B, and Text C all raise the issue of identify real-world issue or ethical issue raised in the 3 texts. Examining area of support 1, area of support 2, and area of support 3 in the texts help shed light on this issue.For your areas of support, identify ideas that will help you examine the real-world issue/ethical issue raised in the 3 texts.Here's a specific example for 3 texts that might all deal with technology and its impact on relationships. This is just a sample and not related to any of the texts assigned so far this semester:Text A, Text B, and Text C all raise the real-world issue of the impact of technology on our relationships. Examining how the characters interact with technology, how technology has caused the characters to be disconnected with each other, and how technology is used to give the characters a false sense of connection in the texts help shed light on this issue.Please note: For each area of support in your essay, you should work with all three texts amongst the paragraphs devoted to that area of support, including making connections amongst the texts rather that dealing with them all separately.Essay Length Requirement

Subordination Of Women

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