SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Powerpoint

Students are expected to thoroughly research the topic and present an APA format Powerpoint presentation to their peers. There is no slide limit/length for presentations, but the presentation must last 20 minutes. Students must also facilitate 10 minutes of discussion among their peers after the presentation. Information contained in the presentation should be factual and based on reputable references, information should not be opinion based. During this presentation students will be acting as the professor and are expected to also answer questions about their assigned topic. 

Policy History:

-When did the law pass that established this policy?

-What were the political/historical circumstances that led to it being passed? 

-How has the policy changed over the years?

Policy Design: 

-What social problem was this policy designed to address?

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Powerpoint

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-How does the policy address the designed concern? Please include eligibility criteria and how benefits are distributed.

-Is this program identical across the country or different depending on state or region? If programs have local differences please research and describe this. Please explain anything that is distinct about how Hawaii implements the policy.  

Policy Effectiveness: 

-How effective has the policy been at addressing the social problem it was designed to address? Address strengths and weaknesses.

-What changes could improve the policy? 

-What is the likely future of the program?

Public Response:

-How popular or controversial is the policy?

-What are the relevant political issues that shape discussion about this policy?

-What are criticisms of the policy? 

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