Social Emotional Development Standards

Early Childhood, Birth-PreK: A typical early learning, 3-4yr old preschool classroom contains the following areas of play and exploration for students:

  • Art,
  • Building Blocks,
  • Library, Writing,
  • Dramatic Play,
  • Sand & Water, and
  • Manipulatives/Table Toys.

Within these areas, the activities and resources should be changed regularly to match student interests and promote skill development.

  • Pick one of the social-emotional development standards listed below and
  • Describe at least one activity that you would create at each of the areas of play (above) to promote development of that skill.
  • Include a description of what teacher and students would do during the activity, and any materials that would be needed.  

SE Development Standards

1. Regulates own emotions and behaviors

Includes skills such as: Manages feelings, Follows limits and expectations, Takes care of own needs appropriately

Social Emotional Development Standards

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2. Establishes and sustains positive relationships

Includes skills such as: Forms relationships with adults, Responds to emotional cues, Interacts with peers, Makes friends

3. Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Includes skills such as: Balances needs and rights of self and others, Solves social problems


  • Your assignment should be at least four pages. 
  • Please use resources you may find.
  • Please include a reference list at the end in APA.

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