Read the article, "Service Encounter 2.0": Aninvestigation into the roles of technology, employees and customers" byBart Larivire , David Bowen, Tor W. Andreassen, Werner Kunz, Nancy J.Sirianni, Chris Voss, Nancy V.Wnderlich , and Arne De Keyser. How hastechnology changed the service encounter with these three key roles: (1)augmentation of service employees, (2) substitution of service employees, and(3) network facilitation technology?  Based on the article, the four transformedroles for employees (and customers) as an Enabler, Innovator, Coordinator orDifferentiator serve as a way technology has changed how customers are engagedin the service encounter. What role do you see as the most important that theemployee and customers assume?  What has been your experience withtechnology in the service encounter? Are humans the best source of service inmost business models? Please be thoughtful in your responses. 


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