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Topic A

What was the impact of existentialist thought on twentieth-century art and literature in America and Europe?

Topic B

Compare and contrast the Guggenheim Museum (a) to the Center National dArt et Culture Georges Pompidou (b).(You may search for other images to get a better sense of the buildings)

Topic C

Select Any Topic Provided

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Benton and DiYanni assert that as consumerism increasingly preoccupied American life, artists and intellectuals turned their attention to the cycle of production, consumption, and waste that defined experience. Select at least three works of art, music, and literature to respond to this statement.

Topic D

Explore the participation and recognition of female artists in the past twenty years in the United States.


Topic E

What function does identity play in art and art criticism in the late twentieth-century? Be sure to examine particular works to prove the point.

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