Scrapbook Social Science

Unit 3 summative #2 Scrapbook

The Task:

To analyze and understand the nature of gender and racial inequality in society, you will gather journal, newspaper or magazine articles OR cultural or social artifacts in order to create a scrapbook. You are required to collect at least eight articles/artifacts from magazines and/or newspapers (online editions are acceptable) dealing with any issues related to violence, conflict, division or uprising. 

An article is any written publication

An artifact is an object made to represent some cultural or historical significance


  • Each article/artifact must be connected to one of the following: 

Anthropological Perspective;

Sociological Perspective; 

Psychological Perspective. 

  • For each article you will write a 50 word summary and a 50 word analysis

  • Your analysis should outline the relevant perspective(s), the significance of this issue or event and make connections and draw conclusions to larger social/political/economic issues. Critical Thinking is key here!

  • All articles and written summary/analysis must be neatly arranged in booklet format or medium that you choose.

  • Include a title page and decorate the book/page creatively. 

  • Each article must be properly referenced using APA format (in-text citations and a references page).

Possible sources/inspiration:

  • Museum of Modern Art (collection by Zora J Murff)

  • Time Magazine (Time Mag on Gender Equality)

  • Yes! Magazine 

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  • Dissent Magazine 

  • NY Mag (on gender equality)

  • Equality Now 

  • Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia 






Scrapbook tools and materials for beginners

Scrapbooking 101


Rhetoric and Social Justice scrapbook

You will be assessed on the following:






I can list the different ideas I find in different sources.

I can distinguish between different ideas and information from multiple sources and perspectives. 

I can combine ideas and information from a variety of sources and perspectives, showing relationships.

I can create new ideas and arguments using a variety of sources and perspectives.

Gathering Sources

I can find sources related to my topic.

I can find resources that advance my argument.

I can find a variety of credible sources that are most relevant to my research.

I can analyze a variety of credible sources and distinguish which are most relevant to my research.

Interdisciplinary perspectives

I recognize there are different problems on local, regional and global levels

I can assess either local, regional or global processes using a specific learned approach. 

I can use different approaches to assess local, regional and global problems.

I can evaluate the effects of intercultural relationships across local, regional and global problems.

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