Risk Managment

You are the Vice-President of International Operations for your company (Samsung). The CEO (your supervisor) wants to expand the scope of your organization specifically, international diversification. The CEO wants to present a formal proposal to the Board of Directors to support this initiative. The segment of this proposal you have been assigned to encompasses risk management.
Specifically, your part of the proposal will address what you consider the most prominent international risks your organization will face in this initiative. Your parameters of the proposal will address the political risks, the economic risks, and the limits to expansion your organization will face.
Show evidence of your ability to create, interpret, and apply each of these parameters by including the following topics:
  • Data analysis used to make business decisions;
  • Financial ratios and;
  • Critical thinking models.
At this time, begin work on your part of this proposal by researching these main areas of risk. Your part of the proposal will be a narrated PowerPoint. You should plan on at least 15 slides in your presentation, and your presentation should include content you learned throughout this course. This project will be due in the last week of the course.
For this week, I want you to research risk and determine the main areas you will want to address in this project. Identify and define those areas. To help define those areas, think about your company. How big is your company, and what transportation areas does it currently cover?

Risk Managment

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