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This is a feedback from my chair person....

I have read through your project proposal and here are my overall thoughts:
There is extensive discussion about the care coordination model and limited discussion about the SBIRT tool.
You must be able to provide substantial evidence within the literature that using the SBIRT and the care coordination model together will have benefit for the patients and how they are connected to meet the desired goals. If there is no direct correlation between the two, then I recommend selecting a different tool other than the SBIRT. My major concern is that these two things are focused on addressing very different aspects of care and that it is not specific enough to meet the overall goals of your project.
The outcomes listed are vague and do not identify exactly what you are going to measure. You will not need the interview portion of these outcomes as you should be able to collect the needed quantitative data through the implementation of an evidence-based tool.

Rewrite A Dissertation

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I am going to attach my initial feedback, but there are extensive revisions that are still needed, and this is not yet a feasible project. As it stands now, I cannot identify the link between these two modalities, and it reads like they should be two separate projects rather than one simultaneous project.

The file will be sent to the expert I'll hire.

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