Review Of Theoretical Models Of Marriage And Family Therapy

  1. Literature Review Paper

    Students will write a literature review comparing structural, strategic, and narrative theoretical models of marriage and family therapy. The review should be written from the school of thought of the student's chosen major (counseling, psychology, social work).  The paper will include information on seminal theorists, basic assumptions/principles of each approach, the role of the therapist, and interventions used by each approach. The paper must be written in APA style (7th edition) including APA title page, APA headings, reference page, and in-text citations. Papers should be a minimum of 10-12 pages in length. The title page, abstract, and reference pages do not count towards the length requirement. 

    Review Of Theoretical Models Of Marriage And Family Therapy

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    This paper is a literature review, a paper that reviews, reports, compares, and contrasts the current literature on the topic. A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references are required. WEB resources that are not scholarly journals should be used minimally and with caution. After the literature review portion (all information is cited from peer-reviewed research and does not include personal opinion), the student will include a 2-page section under a separate APA Level 1 Heading in which they provide one page addressing the scriptural perspective of the topic and one page reporting their personal reflections on the topic. This last section is the only section of the paper where personal opinions, subjective observations, or first-person writing tense is to be included. Also, students will include a half-page conclusion. Papers are to be submitted in Word format in Blackboard. Papers will be checked for plagiarism.  

    Students are encouraged to research the elements and purposes of a literature review prior to starting if they have not written one in a previous course. To assist students, an outline of the literature review may be submitted to the instructor for review prior to writing the final draft. This is optional but encouraged. Outlines must be emailed more than two weeks prior to the due date of the paper. 

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