Response To Discussion Post

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The nurse should  respond to Ms. Michaels' statement in a direct manner and explain to Ms. Michael’s that she does not have aids. The nurse should explain that HIV and aids are not the same thing. People who have HIVdoes not always have aids. The nurse should help Ms. Michael’s understands that “the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is an enveloped retrovirus that contains 2 copies of a single-stranded RNA genome. It causes the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) that is the last stage of HIV disease” (Jutiz Vaillant, 2021). Therefore, aids occur at the end stage of HIV but she does not have aids as of right now.

    The nurse will explain to Ms. Michael’s that HIV is an antiviral disease so she will need to go on antiretroviral Therapy. Therefore, she can not take antibiotics to kill the infection. The nurse should also explain to Ms.Michael that HIV treatment “is not curative , it can provide longer lives for patients and reduce HIV transmission” but it won’t get rid of the infection ( Kemnic, 2022). 

The nurse should explain that if she continues taking her medication as prescribed she would not be getting sicker. The virus does not stay the same. The medications will help produce CD4 cells which will help make the immune system stronger thus preventing progression of HIV disease. 


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Care of a patient with HIV

Response To Discussion Post

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Kathy Michaels, a 37-year-old female, is talking with her gynecologist about concerns of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). She asks to be tested for STDs. Later, the nurse calls to discuss the results with Ms. Michaels, which indicates she is positive for HIV. Ms. Michaels states, "Oh no, I have AIDS!

1. How should the nurse respond to Ms. Michaels' statement?

"Ms. Michaels seems relieved with the explanation and states "I am so glad it's not AIDS. It's just like an infection." She then asks the nurse, "Can I take some antibiotics to kill the infection, then?

2. How should the nurse respond to Ms. Michaels' question?

Again, Ms. Michaels indicates an understanding of the nurse's explanation. She then asks "Does this virus just remain the same in my body and nothing will happen, or will I be getting sick?"

3.  How should the nurse respond to Ms. Michaels' question?


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