Response 2: Leadership Philosophy: Reflection

After reading the summary please respond to each bullet! This response only requires 2 paragraphs

  • Provide another suggestion of how your colleagues leadership philosophy might address the selected issue.
  • Suggest another field that might align with your colleagues leadership skills and/or EI quotient and explain why.
  • Validate an idea with your own experience.

Leaders and managers exert critical influence in their work environment. In healthcare, the leaders and managers perform functions within essentially very complex and high-stakes organizations to offer excellent medical services and customer service. Healthcare leaders and managers must have personal leadership skills and emotional intelligence to fulfill work expectations of financially sound, efficient, and productive units. They work to advance personal values and beliefs and motivate staff and resolve issues within the healthcare workforce.

Describe your personal leadership philosophy based on your leadership skills and emotional intelligence assessment results.

My leadership skills and emotional intelligence assessment highlights strengths and weaknesses. I combine these to describe my leadership philosophy. I am motivating my team to accomplish the organization's objectives. A positive mindset helps me promote my vision for the organization, be realistic while tackling problems and challenges, be ready to make personal changes, and exercise balance as I change work systems impacting staff. I exercise my soft skills listening to my team and employees' perspectives. I need to be a good role model. In daily work ethics leading the team based on enhanced personal values and actions while remaining abreast with the organizational changes. And continue to motivate the team by setting out my expectations for staff clearly and concisely, encouraging staff input in the rulemaking process, and ensuring they have the resources available to complete their obligations. And I am providing support and stimulation to staff, helping them develop their professional skills matching employees to the job and responsibilities, and keeping a balanced culture of concern for people and productivity (Mind Tools, 2018b). Emotional intelligence is awareness of my emotions as they occur. I am examining the triggers of annoyance, emotional anxiety, or stress with self-discipline pause, aligning my actions and behaviors with my values of accountability before responding. Show empathy, through people skill recognize staff emotions, and understand their perspectives about situations on the job. Using the opportunity to increase my social skills, such as trust, rapport, contributes to good working relationshipsseeking opportunities to interact with all types of social situations among large and small teams. Developing high emotional intelligence is vital for a successful career; it improves our ability to build strong working relationships and manage challenging situations more effectively, increasing leadership potential (Mind Tools. (2018a)

Response 2: Leadership Philosophy: Reflection

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Based on your Leadership philosophy, explain how you would address healthcare management workforce challenges in the field of healthcare management.

The functions of healthcare administration include planning, directing, and coordinating an entire facility, a specific clinical area, and medical practice or physician groups. Essential duties for a health care manager proving challenging include improving efficiency and quality in the delivery of health care services developing departmental goals and objectives, recruiting train and supervising staff creating work schedules representing the facility at investor meetings or governing boards communicating with members of the medical staff and department heads. These duties coincide with the leadership philosophy. As I developed departmental goals and objectives, I set my vision for the organization's continued growth. I am accumulating feedback from my staff on improving systems while matching each to the job functions boosting their professional skills. I want to communicate changes clearly and promptly, listen to the needs of my staff. I maintain my value of accountability and self-regulation I manage health care workforce challenges through improved communication skills helping my staff comply with new laws and regulations. I use my interpersonal skills in a group setting among medical and health service managers on staffing and patient issues. Manifesting leadership skills solving staffing and various administrative challenges, such as locating coverage during a disaster mode, and resolving problems noted by The Joint Commission agency. I am motivating staff in challenging situations such as during evaluations and staff reviews, assisting them in improving and refining their skills (Bureau of labor statistics. (n.d.)

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