Reflective Essay

Students can reflect informally on what they think about what they have read so far (in required readings from textbooks or discussions), how they understand it, whether they agree with it or not, and how it relates to their personal and professional lives, or their observations in their living or working environmentsYou can use first-person for this reflective paper. 

This paper should be 7 to 9 pages (excluding title and reference pages; An abstract is not necessary), taking more if needed. Use APA format (You can refer to the following APA website:

please go to to download a copy of the textbook we are reflecting over for free. 

Milana, M. (2017). Global Networks, Local Actions: Rethinking adult education policy inthe 21st century. Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1138610309 

Reflective Essay

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please plan to reflect over any topics through chapter's 1-7

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