Read:     Green, “Social Movements and the Struggle for Change” (from Chapter 4)pages 195  and “The Left in Latin America” (from Chapter 2) pages 88

you will write at least one paragraph (you are welcome to write more if you wish), in which you will answer the following questions:


·                     What did you not understand or find new and challenging from the reading?


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·                     What questions for class discussion did it raise?

·                     What did you find most useful in the reading?

·                     What new terms and concepts were contained in the reading?


Note that these reading questions/reflections should not be a summary of the readings.  The purpose is: 1) that you demonstrate you have done the reading and given thought to it – WE WILL LOOK VERY CAREFUL THAT YOU DEMONSTRATE YOU ACTUALLY DID THE READINGS; 2) to identify what you think is important to discuss in class in relation to the course.

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