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Useful life of a hospital building

Principle Valuation's study provides support for 70-year to 100-year lives for the structural components of a hospital building which  can translate to 40, 45 and in some cases 50 years or more composite lives and in some instances, the actual lives of equipment doubled.


What are the challenges of facilities operations 

Real Estate And Structures

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  • Improvement of space utilization ;Since many facilities managers and corporate real estate leaders have no idea how much space is actually being wasted across their portfolio ,there will be lack of standard space classification across location.
  • Management of workplace technology ; Without previously established standards, facilities leaders at each location or region will likely choose technology according to personal preference or the recommendation of others.
  • Managing facility mantainace ; Managing facility maintenance for multiple properties is difficult enough. And it's even more challenging if you have numerous ticketing systems for different types of service requests and different buildings.
  • Managing meeting rooms ; The larger your organization, the more meetings you're going to have at any given time and the more meeting rooms you'll need to manage. But just because your company is growing doesn't mean scrambling to find an available room or hosting conference calls in closets should become the norm.

Challenges of maintenance in healthcare facilities

  • Cleanliness and hygiene ; Cleanliness and hygiene are essential when you want to eliminate the spread of any kind of infection.
  • Operational cost control ;As healthcare costs continue to rise, a major source of concern for hospitals worldwide will be how to control their operating costs to stay profitable.
  • Asset mantainace ; Maintenance unit at any healthcare facility has a unique challenge because they must keep the assets under their care in optimum condition for the comfort and convenience of everyone that uses the facility
  • Physical security and access control ; Security practices at healthcare facilities aim to protect every person that enters the facility from potential threats and to secure medical equipment from theft and vandalism.
  • Energy efficiency ; Due to the 24/7 services that most hospitals offer plus the different equipment, systems, and back-up systems they run, energy consumption in this industry is high
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