Reading Preparation #1

For RP #1 (Arzt, Marmon, or Resnick-Dufour) choose ONE of the authors listed to respond to. The RP instructions from the syllabus are pasted below, for your convenience. Review and follow all directions.

Choose ONE of the authors provided to respond to and respond to ONE of the prompts below to complete your Reading Preparation.

  1.  Identify the main argument (thesis) of one of the assigned readings available for your preparation. TYPE the argument, either by quoting the author or paraphrasing the authors argument and include the page number. SUMMARIZE how the author supports his or her thesis. To conclude your preparation, REFLECT on your response to the reading.


   2. Select from one of the readings a passage unmistakably meant for your ear. TYPE the passage and include the page number. DESCRIBE how and why the passage speaks to you. To conclude your preparation, EXPLAIN how the passage you have selected relates to the overall argument of the reading.

Reading Preparation #1

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Each preparation must be 300-500 words. You can go over 500, but don't be below 300.

Reading Preparations should always be on a non-textbook articleagain, only ONE of the authors listedand not our textbook, although you may choose to incorporate things from the corresponding chapter in our textbook into your preparation. You may also include reflections on relevant films and/or video clips if you wish.

You do not need to include a formal works cited page for Reading Preparations. For quotes and paraphrasing, use in-text citations to provide the appropriate page number.

You will receive 20 points credit for each thorough preparation that follows all of the above guidelines. Please review the assigned rubric to see how RPs will be graded.

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