Radiation Protection And Radiation Safety

Two topics and each of the topic need to be at least 500 words. all listed aspect under eachn topic need to be addressed
I also included a template if as your reference

o  Each Topic must contain an abstract, introduction, a body, and a conclusion 

o   Images, diagrams, and charts can be used within the body of the paper but must be referenced at the image and in the reference page

AMA Citation Style

Topic 1. Sample Analysis by Scintillation Detection

a. Detector response vs. energy

b. Statistical consideration

c. USNRC leak test requirements

Radiation Protection And Radiation Safety

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d. Sample Preparation

e. Data analysis

f. result interpretation

Topic 2. Neutron Survey Instruments

a.Dose equivalent response: Bonner Sphere

b. Energy Independent response: Long Counter

c. Calibration Pu-Be

d. Measurement and analysis

e. Data analysis and intepretation

Each aspect does not need to be really long, but need to have necessary information. 

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