General Instructions for writing a good Pre-Lab for an on-campus lab

Do not PLAGIARIZE - aka copy off the lab. 

Copying or presenting someone elses work as yours are considered plagiarism and academic misconduct. It can have serious consequences.

YOU MUST PARAPHRASE aka rewrite the sentence in your own words without altering the meaning or intent of the original author. 

Your pre-lab must be composed of the following parts (if you do a good job the very first time, there is less to worry about for the lab report)

Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, justified format.

Purpose: State the purpose of the experiment in your own words.  This will be a broad statement on the purpose of the lab.


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Introduction: This section should cover the chemistry concept(s)/theory involved in the experiment. Explain what this experiment is about and how the goal of the experiment will be accomplished. The introduction should not be lab procedure. Use your own words but please use your textbook as a resource in understanding and explaining the principles underlying the lab.

Procedure: This section should be a general procedure that you followed to complete the lab.  There is NO need to go into great detail, but you need to report enough detail that a reader understands how you completed the lab.  Make sure that you include what web resources that you will use for the lab.

Note: All the above sections of an experimental report should be prepared in advance.

Data/Observations:  As part of your pre-lab you are required to prepare any data tables you need for the experiment in advance. For most of these labs, you will record your all primary data, such weighing measurements, volume measurements, observations of chemical reactions, and the like which will be recorded as you perform the experiment. Whenever it is possible, record data and observations in a table format. It is bad laboratory practice to record primary data on paper towels, napkins, or scratch paper. It is very important to write the data and observations accurately and neatly in your lab notebook. This is precisely why we are haivng you prepare the data tables you need for the experiment in advance so that you can record the data in lab early. 

Answer any Pre-lab questions included in the lab: If there are any pre-lab questions included in the lab, please make sure you answer those as completely as possible.

lab attached below

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