Platform/Content Overview

For your final exercise before you submit your Demographic Report on week 8 I would like us to take time to dissect and analyze a specific social media platform.  The demographic you have chosen for your semester project likely "lives" on multiple platforms, but you need to choose one that is either most influential or most populated by your chosen demographic.  


The purpose of this assignment is to better understand the culture, morays, expectations, and conventions of the users on these platforms and how the platform itself can influence an audience's interests.  For this assignment we will be examining the overall layout and interface of your chosen platform as well as the content that is created on there.  Please answer the following questions in a word document.  There is no need for an essay, but please respond in complete sentences:

1. What about this platform is appealing to your demographic?  (content? audience? features? nostalgia?)

2. Please provide (what you believe to be) relevant data on your demographic's usage of this platform 

3. What specific user features are present on this platform that appeals to your demographic?

4. Please provide 3 content creators on this platform that are popular with your chosen demographic and answer the following questions for each:

Platform/Content Overview

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a. What about this content is appealing to your chosen demographic?

b. Is this content dependent upon the platform or could this format work on multiple platforms?

c. How has this content been used/co-opted by mainstream media or advertisers?

5. How can this platform negatively influence the mental health of its users? (body image standards, bullying/harassment, misinformation)

(please provide a citation/source for your response to question 5)

6. What is the estimated value of this platform?  Do you think that is an accurate evaluation?  Explain your response.

7. What is the future of this platform?

a. Will your chosen demographic stay or migrate?  What factors would lead to either?

b. What platforms or emerging technologies do you believe could be competition for this platform in the future?

c. How do you think content creation will change on this platform in the future?

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