Philosophy Nursing Paper

This assignment provides the opportunity to explore your deepest thoughts get feedback on your philosophy of nursingSome things you can consider in developing your ideas are:


What is a philosophy, what goes into it?

What is it you see as true about nursing, and what is important to you?

What are the ethical values you hold, which are most pertinent to nursing?

What theories do you consider or use?

What are your beliefs and values?

What is most important to you?

Philosophy Nursing Paper

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Read the Nursing Department Philosophy.

Include both Short-Term and Long -Term Goals.

The following are just two website with some ideas about a philosophy of Nursing (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.) (Link will open in new tab.)


Use the link below to help with theories: (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.) (Link will open in new tab.)


*** What you actually write is developed by the issues outlined above.  However, it is ultimately a personal statement of YOUR OWN philosophy, not what a philosophy is.  Expressing your beliefs and values about nursing can introduce clarity about your role and your purpose in your professional life.  This is a critical reflection of your practice experiences and should stimulate an internal dialogue about your ideas and behavior.  Perhaps this will even provide a window into your future, but I believe you will see your philosophy evolve over time and be influenced by your professional life experiences.


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